It was last week when official Twitter page of Sony Xperia teased about the Camera’s feature in its upcoming flagship Xperia Z5. The statement “Get ready for a smartphone with greater focus” clearly suggested that the smartphone will much likely feature more advance auto focus on its camera. Lately, it is confirmed that the upcoming Sony Xperia Z5 will feature 23 MP Camera featured in September 2nd nearing around the corner, the alleged buzz of the next release being none other than Xperia Z5 is more confirmed. Sources have also confirmed that the Xperia Z5 will feature 23 MP Camera in it. To be more precise, it will feature a 1/2.3 inch Exmor RS sensor with six-lens system.

Since the ‘fast hybrid auto focus system’ was introduced in its Xperia M5, it makes sense that the same technology could be at least implemented -if not upgraded- in the upcoming Xperia Z5. Sony claims that it could focus on a subject within as less as 250 milliseconds.

The Xperia Z5 will have a 5.2 inch screen powered by 810 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with either 3 or 4 GB RAM. Although the resolution is yet to be confirmed, it will either be 1080X1920 or 1440X2560 pixels.

The Xperia Z5 range will also include Xperia Z5 Compact. Also a third member named Xperia Z5+ or Xperia Z5 Premium with 4K display is alleged to be introduced in the family with a metallic back. Needless to inform, the Xperia Z5 will be water and dust resistant.

xperia-z5-will-feature-23-mp-cameraThe picture above clearly shows the XPERIA logo engraved on the slightly rounded side.

Contrary to its previous versions which typically sticked to 20 MP camera, the new Xperia Z5 will feature 23 MP Camera. We guess engineers at Sony are finally aware that smartphone fans always tend to ask for more in every new models.

The smartphone seems to be available in three color variations: White, Gold, and Turquoise. To see the phone in action we will have to wait until IFA Berlin this Wednesday. We’ll let you know more detailed information once the official sources confirm anything new.

Source: GSM Arena Images: Xperia Blog


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