Apple’s 9th March event was really exciting. Everyone was expecting Apple Watch and what we got was much more. Along with the Apple Watch, Apple released the all new MacBook 2015. No, it isn’t the new MacBook Air nor is it the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Apple calls it the “MacBook” and that is what it is going to be called. The product is great but only if you look at it for a moment. Look deeper and you will find that the new MacBook isn’t worth your money. Here is why you shouldn’t buy Retina MacBook 2015.
Why-you-shouldn't-get-Retina-MacBook-2015First thing first, the new Macbook is pricey! This new Macbook, which is powered by Intel Core M Processor, pricing starts at $1299, the same price as much more powerful 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display! I don’t know how Apple can justify the price. With a much weaker processor, I don’t see a point in buying the new Macbook.

The 13″ Retina MacBook Pro with Retina Display is already portable enough. In fact, it is as portable as the MacBook Air. With the new MacBook, you will be sacrificing a lot in the name of compactness. What most of you will be using the new MacBook is for browsing the Internet and watching YouTube videos. Don’t expect to edit videos with this machine. The Intel Core M processor has TDP of 5 watts and won’t be able to handle serious video edition.

Why-you-shouldn't-get-Retina-MacBook-2015The new MacBook has only one port! That is the biggest con I can possibly think of. I currently own a MacBook Air 13″ and when I am using it for work, I use all the ports. I have my MacBook Air hooked up to 23″ AOC monitor which uses the ThunderBolt port of my MacBook Air.

I also keep my MacBook Air powered using the MagSafe adapter. I have my gaming mouse connected at the same time. I use the only other port for charging my iPod Nano 6th gen or Samsung Galaxy S6 many a times. Other times, the port is used for connecting external 1TB hard-disk. This is how I use my MacBook Air.

If I am to replace my MacBook Air with MacBook 2015, I don’t know how I can keep up. Heck! I can’t even charge my laptop while I am powering external display if I go with the new MacBook. This is not good at all! Some may say, I can always buy external dongle but that will be added burden to me. I will rather carry a laptop with a bigger foot-print than to carry cables everywhere I go.

Another con ( I won’t say it’s a major one,though) has to be the 480p front-facing camera. I don’t know which year we currently are in? 2007? Cause my 2008 Dell laptop has 720p camera in it! Even my current MacBook Air has 720p camera in it. Why did Apple do that? To add it as a new feature in 2nd generation MacBook? Who knows, maybe!

Why-you-shouldn't-get-Retina-MacBook-2015I haven’t tried the new MacBook in person so I can’t comment on the keyboard and the trackpad. But from what I see, the low travel in the new MacBook can be problematic to hard-core typists. The track-pad in the MacBook Air 13 is fantastic and hopefully Apple hasn’t ruined the experience. The new track-pad can no longer be clicked but Apple has tried to make up with the new Force Touch trackpad. Hopefully, it will be just as good.

Sure the second generation MacBook will be better in many ways. Remember that the 2008 MacBook Air also had only one USB 2.0 port. Over time, things got better. Now we have more than 4 ports. Also, who knows, after a year or two, that one USB Type-C port may be enough for us. After all, we can now live without the much popular DVD drive.

Thanks for reading ” Why you shouldn’t buy Retina MacBook 2015 ” post. Stay tuned and stay updated.


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