Professionals say “MacBook Air is the universally accepted laptop you can buy today.” In other words, it is one laptop for everyone. But the real question is that: Do you fall under “everyone”?

4GB-RAM-enough-for-macbook-air-2014MacBook Air is for everyone because Apple has got most of the parts right. It has got a great trackpad, a great keyboard, a good display and phenomenal battery life. It is ultra-thin and doesn’t miss out important ports (excluding HDMI, at least for me). It features 2 USB 3.0 port, a thunderbolt port and regular size SDXC card slot.

The base model MacBook Air get 1.4GHz Intel’s ultra low power (UPL) Haswell chip which is good when it comes to performance and excellent when it comes to efficiency. The base model also gets standard 1600MHz 4GB of RAM which is enough for most of us. OSX isn’t as resource as Windows so, 4GB will suffice, again, for most of us.  This is where you have to take note. You may have different requirements and your work may require you to go with Windows machine or other ultra-books.

In this post, let us discuss on who the MacBook Air is for. Let’s start with easy things first. If you are a student or some one who travels a lot, MacBook Air is your best bet. There are 2 reasons for that: One being its weight and the other being its battery life. MacBook Air 13 is less than 1.5kgs which is perfect for travel. The slim profile of the laptop is also great to look at.

The next and the biggest advantage MacBook Air 2014 has against other ultrabooks has to be its ever-lasting battery life. Being a Mac user myself, I can easily get 2 days worth of work done on a single charge. On average, this laptop lasts 10 hours before it requires charge. The other cool thing about this laptop is that this laptop charges super quickly. You can go from 0 to 100  in less than 2 hours.

4GB-RAM-enough-for-macbook-air-2014Also, MacBook Air is for those who want hassle free experience. If you are not into modding and customizing your laptop to its limit, this is the machine for you. It is simple, less resource hungry and best of all, it gets your work done! MacBook Air’s operating system, Yosemite, is very user-friendly and very intuitive. If you are an iPhone user, you can also do a lot of cool stuff. You can seamlessly use your iPhone’s mobile data as your Macs Wi-Fi and much more. For instance, you can start writing an E-Mail in your phone and finish it in your Mac. When you grab your Mac, you can continue writing where you left off in your iPhone. Apple calls it “Continuity” and it works flawlessly. Also, if your iPhone and Mac are connected, you can make a cellular call using your Mac. As you would have expected, you can also receive calls directly from your Mac.

If you are a blogger like me, you ought to get a MacBook Air. MacBook Air is the best portable machine for typing. The keyboard is the best in its class and key travel is excellent. This is the first keyboard that has made me forget about those gorgeous mechanical keyboards. What’s more? The keyboard is backlit. Unlike many laptops, MacBook Air’s backlit keyboard turns on automatically thanks to the ambient sensor. Also, unlike many ultraportables that are available today, the backlit keyboard has various brightness level, so, it isn’t only On or Off. You can also adjust it manually if you want to.

The trackpad is also second to none in MacBooks. When you get used to the trackpad in the MacBook Air, you won’t miss your mouse if at all. The glass multi-gesture trackpad works as you would want it to. The gestures in OSX makes you fell as if you are using a touchscreen laptop.

If you fall under any of these category, go ahead and get yourself your Mac. You won’t regret, I didn’t!

Disclaimer: I am not a Mac Fanboy. I used and am using Windows PC for the last 15 years!


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