One product that Microsoft debuted last week, mainly targeted for commercial and business purposes, was the Surface hub. A Windows 10 device with key features like 4k resolution, touchability, intelligent sensors, and Microsoft Office integration is what makes the Surface Hub so interesting.

It’s a PC, it’s a phone, it’s a whiteboard, oh wait! it’s a TV. Of course, cause it’s an all in one ‘Surface Hub’. Windows Lovers were amazed last week by the event of Microsoft because not only new features were added but awesome technologies like HoloLens and The Surface Hub were also introduced. Seemed like Windows was finally concerned about its integration of desktop, mobile phones and Xbox together.

You still want to know ” What makes The Surface Hub so interesting “? Read on!




Bigger and Better

The Surface Hub is an all in one monitor that comes in two size options, 55 inches and 84 inches. To put the icing on the cake, the monitor has a whooping 4K resolution that glorifies the beauty of Windows 10. It has advance multi-touching technology that can recognize as much as a hundred touches exactly. That means all of the group members in a team can easily work together on it at the same time.

It has wireless connectivity mediums like Wifi and Bluetooth. And also, it has speakers built-in.

Recognizes You

Your Surface Hub will be able to recognize that you are in the room. Just simply walk towards it, and it will begin. For this capability, it’s got a lot of sensors like motion sensors, touch sensors, microphone and two wide angle full HD 1080 pixel cameras. There are choices to begin with: Call, Connect, or Whiteboard. The Surface Hub with all these features will definitely ooze your presentation in your office.what-makes-the-surface-hub-so-interesting

Powered By Windows 10

Since it is powered by Windows 10, The Surface Hub will be shipped with Microsoft Office packages like Powerpoint, Word, Excel, along with One-Note whiteboard and Skype for business. Since Windows 10 is going to ship along with Cortana’s assistance and Spartan Browser, The Surface Hub will be a perfect meeting room essential. As per Microsoft “There’s no need to take pictures of the whiteboard with your phone anymore.”

The Surface hub is not a desktop computer because it does not need a desk to stay put. The device seems really beneficial and hence will be a revolutionary product of 2015. It is initially targeted for enterprises and that makes it easily predictable that the device is more likely to cost heavy on cash. But after a year or two, it will be more affordable for other consumers as well.

The Surface Hub will be made available ‘later this year’. It also looks more like a living room Television screen, and people might as well be opting out for it. Or who knows, to some extent Television Companies might be integrating the features of this device on their products.

Looking at the way it is advertised from day one, Microsoft’s Surface Hub seems more of a work friendly device than a gaming one. But when doing tasks in it is so much fun, then working is the new gaming from now on.

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