MacBook Air is up in the air. It is the hottest laptop you can buy right now. Well, to be honest, there are better Ultrabooks in the market you can buy today. The MacBook Pro Retina from Apple’s own lineup is highly specced and has much better screen. Still, we love the MacBook Air because it gives premium laptop experience without breaking your bank. MacBook Air, since last year is rumoured to receive retina display treatment. In 2015, MacBook will definitely get the Retina screen. So, Should you wait for 2015 Retina MacBook Air?

wait-for-2015-Retina-MacBook-AirIf I were you, I wouldn’t wait. The fact is the rumour mill isn’t always correct. People want to see the Retina display, there is no doubt but does Apple? We doubt. If we get a Retina MacBook Air, it will eat a lot of MacBook Pro Retina sales. Apple wouldn’t like that if at all. MacBook Air is selling really well. In fact, it is Apple’s best-selling laptop. MacBook Pro Retina is selling well too thanks to the gorgeous retina screen. Apple doesn’t want to overlap their  laptop lineup.

Also, even if Apple MacBook Air will be treated with retina display, don’t expect it to be as cheap as the current Air. There are three things Apple will have to update along with the screen : the battery size, the processor and the GPU. These things will certainly increase the price of the MacBook Air. If money is no problem with you, it will be fine. But if you are on tight budget like most of us, you won’t be happy. The only reason most of us choose the Air over Retina MacBook Pro is the pricing.

There is one more reason why I think you should get a MacBook Air. Have it for a year and sell it. Let’s say you buy a new MacBook Air for $999, after a year, you can sell it for as high as $850. $150 depreciation a year isn’t bad at all. Waiting for a product that doesn’t exist isn’t a wise decision, isn’t it?

Thanks for reading my post. Stay tuned and stay updated! You can also read: CAN MACBOOK AIR 2014 HANDLE PHOTO AND VIDEO EDITING?


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