The much anticipated LG Nexus 5X is here. The all-round champ of phones i.e. the Nexus range has always been top-notch. Well, the Nexus 5X is no less. Featuring the latest Android OS – Marshmallow (Android 6.0), this phone gives high-performance, is compact and lightweight. The only downgrade it has is its plastic made body, so, a good phone case is a must for this one. 

A good phone case is not only about protection but also about style. It should also compliment the phone, please the user, and suit your pocket. There are many best cases for this phone, but here are the ones that made it to the top list in terms of protection, style and price. Let’s check out the Top Best Cases for 2015 LG Nexus 5X.

1) Verus High Pro Shield Metal Texture for Nexus 5X

Top Best Cases for 2015 LG Nexus 5XThis case has made it to the top of the list of Top Best Cases for 2015 LG Nexus 5X because it is refined, practical and stylish. It has provides full degree protection with its  dual layers – a soft rubbery inner layer that cushions against shocks and a tough TPU polycarbonate outer that encases the phone from drops and impacts. Also, it has raised edges that covers all corners and TPU lip to keep the screen from touching the ground.

Along with such heavy-duty protection, it is very stylish and is able to compliment to your phone’s looks with its metallic lustre and attractive color combination. It will set you back a little more than $15 but it’s all worth it.


2) Tauri Luxury Wallet Leather Case for the Nexus 5X

Top-Best-Cases-for-2015-LG-Nexus-5XNumber 2 on the list is a case that’s more classy, stylish and convenient rather than protective. Made out of high-quality premium anti-wear leather, it can offer protection against scratches, dust and dirt. It also has a magnetic strap that acts as a case-lock. It features slots for holding cards, cash, etc. which basically means it can replace your wallet. Also, it can act as  a kickstand for easy viewing.

It comes in 4 different colors which are all equally stylish and cost just around $10. This is built more for convenience rather than protection, so, it depends on the user’s preference entirely.


3) Hyperion Premium Hybrid Heat-Protective Case for Nexus 5X

Top-Best-Cases-for-2015-LG-Nexus-5XThis is one seriously expensive case that will set you back about a whopping $100. But it has made to this list of Top Best Cases for 2015 LG Nexus 5X because of its one-of-a-kind feature. It features a unique Heat Radiation Function that allows the phone’s natural running heat to escape out of the case specially constructed vent holes  which helps to keep your streaming apps running without risk to your battery.

Besides, it has extra-cushioning on all four corners, dual-layer construction that protects against drops, impacts, scratches, etc. Also, it is lightweight and easy to fit and is also compatible with some other LG phones as well. It might not be good for your pocket but it will just be for your phone. If you like multiple colour cases, this case is your best bet. I would make this case No.1 among Top Best Cases for 2015 LG Nexus 5X.


4) HHI Dual Armor Composite Case for Nexus 5X

op-Best-Cases-for-2015-LG-Nexus-5XEvery good phone case doesn’t have to be expensive, right? This one is just the definition of that. Costing less than $10, it offers dual layer protection with soft cushioning on the inside and hard cover on the outside. The hard “Abs” back provides rigidity and softer TPU ensures shock absorption. The sides have rubberized paint and rugged design to ensure good grip on the phone.

Also features a raised edges for screen protection and better handling and a built-in kickstand for easy hands-free viewing.


5) Spigen Ultra Air Cushion Crystal Clear Case for Nexus 5X

Top-Best-Cases-for-2015-LG-Nexus-5XIf you are one of those who want to show off your beautiful phone, this beautiful case is for you. It is ultra-slim, lightweight and crystal clear which preserves your phone’s original beauty & style with minimal bulk but very strong at the same time. It features 4-point rear guards and a raised lip to protect your screen and back from flat surfaces and drops.

Also has embossed buttons for easy convenient pressing and integrated strap insert for attaching extra things such as keys. Costs less than $20. I love transparent cases and naturally this is for me the best case among the Top Best Cases for 2015 LG Nexus 5X.


6) Cimo Wave Premium Slim Flexible Soft Case for Nexus 5X

Top-Best-Cases-for-2015-LG-Nexus-5XA shock-absorbing case which is made out of shatterproof TPU material that offers protection against drops, bumps and high-impacts. Features beveled-front edges that allow lay-on-the table design which prevents the screen from getting scratched and anti-slip properties that gives you extra-grip on your phone.

It is a super-slim case and also features a “wave” design on the back. You can have it for an affordable price of around $10.


7) SupCase Heavy Duty Protection with Belt-Clip Holster for Nexus 5X

Top-Best-Cases-for-2015-LG-Nexus-5XNow this case is a little bulky but a minimal price to pay for the level of protection at an affordable price of less than $20. Plus, with its cool & sporty look, anyone can hardly realize it’s bulkiness. It is a snap-on case which means easy installation along with hard body made out of high-grade TPU-PC materials for maximum protection, especially around the edges.

An added bonus is that you get a belt-clip swivel with it if you ever want to store your phone where you can easily reach it.


8) NagBee  Leather Wallet Flip Case for Nexus 5XTop-Best-Cases-for-2015-LG-Nexus-5X

Leather cases are not much protection for you phone but let’s admit it, they have the best designs a phone case can have. This one is also a wallet case with pockets and slots for cash and cards, so, it is very convenient to have. It also has a secure lock to protect everything inside and still offers protection against scratches and dirt.

What’s more is that it features beautiful design on the cover available in many attractive choices and vibrant colors.  It won’t set you back more than $10.


9) Ringke Fusion Shock Absorption & Drop Protection Case for NexusTop-Best-Cases-for-2015-LG-Nexus-5X

This case by Ringke has made it’s way on the list of Top Best Cases for 2015 LG Nexus 5X due to it’s handiness with it’s shock absorption technology along with it’s crystal clear body that preserves the phone’s original look while offering maximum protection all over. It is ultra-slim & lightweight and also has dust-caps to protect charger/USB ports against dust which is not found in many other cases.

Plus, it comes with an HD screen protector for the phone which protects your phone’s screen while the case ensures protection of the body. Available in 2 color choices – for a little more than $10.


10) CustomerFirst Heavy Duty Armor Muscular Case for Nexus 5X

Top-Best-Cases-for-2015-LG-Nexus-5XThis muscular case is as tough as it looks. It offers dual-layer protection: a durable hard plastic outer shell and an anti-dust silicone material inner layer which functions as a cushion. It is designed in 3-sided construction for longer and easier use and also has a fixed kickstand for convenient hands-free  landscape viewing with a 360-degree ratcheting clip-belt.

A muscular look for your phone can be stylish and fully protective. Costing less than $10, it is a very sweet deal!


Thank you for reading this article. Be sure to keep visiting our site for more news and more updated information on Top Best Cases for 2015 LG Nexus 5X as we keep it up-to-date. You can also check out Spigen Nexus 5x case.  This one case is expensive though.


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