Looking for cool mouse for your PC? You may be one of the hardcore gamers who wants the best technology for yourself or you just may be looking for a cool mouse to use. Well either way if you are looking for a mouse, you would want the best one money can buy, and if you are one of those gamers, well extravagant mouse will be a treasure chest for you.

Keeping all things in perception, Black Friday is fast approaching and there are a lot of amazing deals hitting the online retail business. Mice are no exception and they are putting up great deals for awesome mice on this Black Friday. So, we have accumulated a list of Top 5 Best Mouse : Black Friday 2015. Take a look:

1) Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse


Now you may not like a big and bulky mouse but this mouse has high functionality. This mouse is perfect for those who don’t care about the size or looks of a mouse and go for function and features. It features 2 wheels, one a traditional scroll wheel on the top that allows you to scroll vertically and another is located on the left side that allows horizontal navigation and advanced gestures. This mouse is a wireless one and can be connected through Bluetooth. The amazing thing about it is you can connect it to multiple computers at the same time, you can connect up to 3 computers at once via included unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology and you can switch between these computers just with a touch of the button on top.

The Logitech MX features a Dark field Laser sensor that can track virtually everywhere, you can find mouses that don’t work on certain surface but with this one, that is not a problem (as long as the surface is solid). The power backup of this mouse is also amazing, in just a single charge, you can get about 40 days of power and with only 4 minutes of charging, you can get a whole days worth of power. The major factor of this mouse being bigger in size is the extension on the side, but that is there to ensure comfortable use of the mouse and to make it easier to use the horizontal scroll.

Has this mouse and its feature caught your eye? well if it has, be sure to check out the price in the link below.


2) Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse


Now this is a simple and nifty mouse. Designed by Microsoft, this handy mouse features wireless Bluetooth connectivity that doesn’t require a transceiver. Like any other mouse, it has 2 buttons and a scrolling wheel. An extra feature in this mouse is the window touch tab on the side that allows easy access to apps and the start screen, this feature is specially optimized for windows. By pushing it to either sides, the scrolling wheel allows you to scroll horizontally as well.

Featuring a Blue track technology, the Microsoft Sculpt works on virtually any surface. It is specially designed for a comfortable and convenient use and if you are looking for a simple and comfortable mouse that you can rely on, this is the mouse for you. Check out the updated price below.

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3) Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse for PC, Microsoft Surface, and Windows Tablets


This mouse may look weird but it has its reasons. This is a portable and somewhat flexible mouse.The rear part of the mouse can be straightened and can be easily carried along with you. When straightened the mouse looks more like a television remote and wont work when it is in that posture, simply putting it, it is turned off when straight. To turn on the mouse, you simply curve it and the mouse is usable. The Microsoft Arc  has two sensors, one on the front and another on the back (parts where the mouse touch the surface). Instead of a scroll, you have a touch pad to conveniently browse through anything with just the slight movement of your finger.


This mouse is specially useful when you are always on the go, it fits perfectly in your pockets or bags and is very easy to use. The Blue Track Technology ensures that this mouse will work on any given surface. Of course the mouse is wireless and with just a curve, you can operate this wonderful device.

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4) Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse


Now this mouse is one for the pro gamers out there. This Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse features the most advanced and configurable sensor yet, the all-new 8200dpi 4G laser sensor. It has an adjustable back part to adjust the length of the mouse for your convenience, the back can also be arched for more comfort, the side panels can be attached for more comfort and it has wireless connectivity. Razer is considered the initiator of the world’s first gaming-grade wireless tech, you can be assured the Razer Ouroboros performs as well cordless as it does corded. The Ouroboros also has a DPI clutch-trigger which allows you to hold it down so that you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse.

Providing 12 hours of continuous gaming with just a single AA battery, and compatible with both windows and mac, this gaming mouse is certainly on that the gamers out there will love to have.

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5) Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac


It is ironic that a distributor named Mad Catz produces such amazing mouses. This high-tech looking mouse is solely designed to provide extreme ease and convenience to gamers. The Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Gaming Mouse provides all the features a gamer would want in a mouse. It features an adjustment tool in the back that allows you to adjust the thumb rest on the left, adjust the palm rest on the top and even change the weight of the mouse to bring it up to your convenience. The amazing R.A.T.7 Gaming Mouse features a 6400 DPI ‘Twin eye’ laser engine and 4 Custom DPI settings. With the DPI setting, you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse by clicking the button behind the top wheel and you will always know what level of sensitivity it is on as it indicates the level via a line of rid light on the front-left side of the mouse.

There is also a feature of a programmable mode switch just beside the left button. The thumb scroll on the left allows horizontal scrolling as well. You can even find a precision aim mode for shooting games, it is located on the left, is coloured red and has an aim diagram. You also get added interchangeable pinkie and arm rest with the purchase of this mouse. With a lightweight Metal Chassis, this is the perfect mouse for all the gamers out there.

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That is all for this list of Top 5 Best Mouse : Black Friday 2015. As Black Friday is approaching, these may have great discount deals on them so be sure to check them out. Keep visiting our page for more updates on gadgets and smartphones. Read Logitech Mx Master review here.


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