ZTE Axon 7 surely is a monster. It packs a beefy Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC, 20MP Sony Camera, 6GB of RAM and a beefy 3140mAh battery. For the price of under $390 for Axon 7 now, you really can’t beat this phone! This phone has an all metal body built and there’s no denying that it is sick looking!

The ZTE Axon 7 sure is pretty but doesn’t have any ruggedness protection. As such, it only makes sense to get the ZTE Axon 7  a really good case. This is the flagship phone from ZTE and it certainly deserves a premium case. Here, we have a list of Top 10 Best Premium ZTE Axon 7 Cases. Hope you get the kind of case you are looking for!

1)  Ultra Slim Clear Transparent Case for ZTE Axon 7


 When you carry a phone which is as premium as the ZTE Axon 7, chances are you don’t want to carry it with a case on. Such a high-end phone and such a pretty body, there’s really going to be anyone who would like to go with  a cheap plastic casing which hides all the beauty of the phone. Hence, this case!
The Ultra Slim Clear Transparent Case for ZTE Axon 7 costs less than $15 and is really made from high quality material. Also Amazon rating shows that people quite like this transparent case.

View this Transparent Case for Axon 7 here>>

2) Shock Resistant Slim Case for ZTE Axon 7


 Looking for a simple yet durable case for the Axon 7? Well, this case may be the one for you. The design isn’t anything particularly fancy. However, if you are one of them who likes things minimal, there is no way you are going to go wrong with this case.
This slim case is available in 4 exciting colour. Installing and removing this case is just as easy. Also since this case is under $10, it is certainly worth having a look it.

View this Slim Minimalistic Case for Axon 7 here>>

3) Unique Slim Grip Case for ZTE Axon 7


There are 2 reasons on why you should get this case. One, it’s really cool looking and the other reason being, you get a free screen protector with this case. What’s more? This case comes in four funky colours you are sure to love. Not only that, this case comes well under $15.
The ZTE Axon 7 Case is made from high quality TPU casing which resists oil, grease and all kinds of smudges. Installing and removing the case is also very easy. It is one of the recommended case in this list of  Top 10 Best Premium ZTE Axon 7 Cases.

Check out this Slim TPU Case for Axon 7 here>>

4) Slim Rubberised ZTE 7 Case


This case for ZTE Axon 7 may look like any other but it really isn’t. This case is specifically made for the Axon 7 and it shows. The fit and finish of this case is excellent. Made by IVSO who are well-known for making quality cases, you really can’t go wrong with this case.

This high quality case is available for $10 and very much is worth the money. The case has dual layer protection where the inner part of the case has silicon protective layer. In addition to that, you get 12-month warranty with this case.

Check out this Rubberized Axon 7 Case here>>

5) Vertical Heavy Duty Rugged Canvas Case Pouch for ZTE Axon 7


Sure this isn’t a case but can be a really good complement for your phone. Also, with this Case pouch for ZTE Axon 7, you get a free stylus. What makes this pouch so special is the fact that this has a metal clip on the back. Also, you can install this rugged case pouch to your belt.

This black pouch comes in one colour. The rugged canvas pouch has a clip closure to prevent the phone from falling off. You can get this Pouch for under $20. Do have a look at it.

View this Rugged Canvas Pouch for ZTE Axon 7 here>>

6) Executive Premium Leatherette Wallet Case for ZTE Axon 7


 If you are looking for a premium case for your ZTE Axon 7, this one is the what you should be getting no questions asked. Sure, this case costs a little more than other cases mentioned here but it is certainly worth the money.
This premium leather case for the ZTE Axon 7 comes only in black colour and has a magnetic closure to protect your phone in case it falls off. You also get card slots where you can safely store away the cards.

Check out this Executive Premium Case for Axon 7 here>>

7) Cool Slim Case for ZTE Axon 7 (RED)


 J&D has been creating some awesome cases lately and this one is no different. This case is made from TPU rubber skin and it feels really great to hold. All the port cuts are perfect. The sides of this case is rubberized which gives a better grip to the phone. This case too is available in 4 exciting colours.

See this Fancy Case for Axon 7 here>>

8) Ultra Slim TPU Case for ZTE Axon 7


 This is another case to look forward to if you own ZTE Axon 7. This case is my personal favourite in this list of Top 10 Best Premium ZTE Axon 7 Cases. I like this case for its simplicity and for the fact that you can get two cases for the price of one when compared to other cases.
There are no any kind of flaw in this case and I see no reason why I would pay anything more for a case which provides me no additional benefit. This case too is available in 4 distinctive colour.

Check out this Slim Case for Axon 7 here>>

9) Wallet Leather Case for ZTE Axon 7 + Free Stylus


This leather Case for ZTE Axon 7 is very premium and is made from very high quality regine leather. Also, as with many flip cover cases, you get slots for storing ID cards, ATM cards and some change. You can also use this case as a stand for viewing photos or watching movies.

Unlike many of the other flip cover cases, you can get this case in two different colour: Black and Pink. This case as of today costs less than $10 and also includes free shipping.

 Check out this Flip Cover Case for Axon 7 here>>

10) Skinomi TechSkin – ZTE Axon 7 Screen Protector


There is nothing much to say about this screen protector. Made by Skinomi TechSkin, it is the top rated screen protector you can buy anywhere today. Installation of this screen protector is very easy. The screen protector leaves no bubble when properly installed.

Get this Screen Protector for Axon 7 here>>

These are the Top 10 Best Premium ZTE Axon 7 Cases you can get right now. Hope you liked at least one of the cases from our list of Top 10 Best Premium ZTE Axon 7 Cases. As new cases comes out, we will make sure to update this list of Top 10 Best Premium ZTE Axon 7 Cases. As always, thanks for reading this post!


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