The Motorola Droid Maxx 2 is the second phone to receive the combined touch of Motorola and Verizon after the Droid Turbo 2. There had been rumors that it is just a re-branded version of the Moto X-Play, but whether this is true or not, it’s specs mirror that of the Moto X-Play. Anyways, this phone is supposed to be an upper-range handset with more or less the same specs we’ve already seen but it’s NOT shatterproof like it’s companion, the Droid Turbo 2. That means, you’ll be needing phone cases.

With it’s release, many of you might have bought it already or ordered it, so, you are probably searching for the best cases you can find. Since it’s very early since the phone’s release, there aren’t much available but even among them, there are the best. So, let’s look at the Top 10 Best Motorola Droid Maxx 2 Cases and Covers for early buyers.

1) i-Blason Halo Series Clear Case for Droid Maxx 2

Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-CoversA clear case that shows off your Droid Maxx 2’s original design and beauty while providing effective protection. It’s made up of 3H-rated premium scratch-resistant material which provides enduring protection to your smartphone. Also, it has beveled front edges to protect your screen against surfaces when faced down and anti-slip properties that add grip while holding. This is my top pick in this list of Top 10 Best Motorola Droid Maxx 2 Cases and Covers.

It is a case for those who want their phone’s beauty to shine through even with a protective case on. Click below to view price and details.


2) SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Protective Case for Droid Maxx 2

Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-CoversThis sporty looking case is not only limited to it’s looks. It is made of high-grade combination of soft TPU and PC material that makes it more durable. It is also a snap-on / off cover for easy installation with a design that gives it more grip and comfort while holding. It is sporty and lightweight as well.

Available in multiple color choice options. View details and price here.


3) LK Luxury Wallet Leather Flip-Cover Case for Droid Maxx 2

Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-CoversMoving on to leather cases, which are built for style and convenience rather than protection, this is a typical wallet case capable of replacing your bulky wallet. It is constructed of PU tear-resistant leather, which can withstand daily wear and tear, and also protects your phone from dust and scratches. Features slots for storing cash and cards conveniently and a kickstand for easy hands-free viewing.

Has five different colors to choose from as shown in the picture. Click below to view details and price.


4) Cimo Matte Slim-Fit Flexible Case for Droid Maxx 2

Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-CoversThis shatterproof case is a great protection for your phone as it is soft & flexible but really durable and offers very good protection to your Droid Maxx 2. It is made of shatterproof TPU material that allows it to absorb shock and prevent medium-level impacts on your phone. With beveled edges that allow lay-on-the-table design and anti-slip finish that add more grip, this case is also super-slim and lightweight.

You can choose form among seven attractive colors. Click below to view price and details.


5) Incipio DualPro Shell Case for Droid Maxx 2Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-Covers

This is a perfect defense for your phone. The two-piece dual pro case has two layers, an impact-resistant Plextonium PC frame with a shock absorbing TPE inner core that can offer perfect protection from everyday usage wear and tear and all drops, impacts and scratches. The outer layer features a comfortable soft-touch finish for added comfort and good touch feeling.

It is available in four different color choices.

View the Case here>>

6) Incipio Octane Co-Molded Case for Droid Maxx 2

Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-CoversThis is also another case by Incipio which is a little different from its DualPro Case. It is constructed of a rigid Plextnium PC back shell and a shock-absorbing TPU textured bumper. It has a frosted back with contrasting colorful bumpers that make it look attractive and stylish. Also very lightweight and adds minimal bulk to your phone.

It is also available in four different colors, each one for the same price. Click below to see details and price.

See this Case here>>

7) Innova Premium Leather Wallet Case for Droid Maxx 2

Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-CoversAnother typical leather wallet case for leather case lovers. This one also has all the standard features of a wallet case with slots for holding cash and cards and a kickstand while protecting your phone from scratches and dirt. What’s more is that it comes with a free touch-stylus and a screen protector. Also, features attractive designs on the cover making it look more cooler and stylish.

It is available in a wide-range of colors and designs to choose from. View price and details here.


8) CoverON Slim Matte Case for Droid Maxx 2

Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-CoversThis is a case from the Slender Fit series by CoverON which means very slim and lightweight cases offering maximum amount of protection. Made out of rigid polycarbonate plastic, which is very durable and can easily resist mid-level impacts. Also, has rubberized coating for the good-touch feeling and added grip.


It is available in many different color choices and also has a clear one for those who like clear cases. View price and details here.


9) JUSUN Heavy Duty Rugged Armor for Droid Maxx 2

Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-CoversThis super-protective rugged armor is for those who want all-round protection for their precious Droid Maxx 2. This dual layer case consists of a soft shock-absorbing inner layer and hard PC cover that’s impact resistant. This can protect your phone from most drops and impacts easily. Also, has a kickstand which double-functions as a belt-clip swivel for convenient storage.

This case sports a bulky muscular look and is available in four different colors. Also, includes a stylus pen. View price and details here.


10) CiMo Shockproof Bling Case for Droid Maxx 2

Top-10-Bes-Motorola-Droid-Maxx-2-Cases-and-CoversIt is a stylish and fashionable design by Cimo which provides standard protection to your phone. It is made out of shock-absorbing shatterproof silicone and PC material that make it lightweight but strong. It features beveled front edges to protect your screen and it’s anti-slip finish texture give you extra grip and good touch feeling while holding it. The studded rhinestones on the back make it look pretty and shiny adding to it’s style.

The rhinestones don’t come off easy and this case has multiple color options to choose from. View the case here.


So, these are the Top 10 Best Motorola Droid Maxx 2 Cases and Covers you can buy right now. As new cases comes out in the market, we will make sure that we update his list of Top 10 Best Motorola Droid Maxx 2 Cases and Covers. Except to see some more awesome cases and covers for Motorola Droid Maxx 2 in the coming weeks. Click here for specs of Droid Maxx 2.  Also, see more Best Cases for the Motorola Droid Maxx 2. 



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