One of the most anticipated smartphones of 2016 is here. Yes, we’re talking about the brand new Samsung Galaxy S7, which is here with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. What treasure does the flagship hold this year? Well, the design is the same as it’s predecessor, but still the phone’s got the makings of a brilliant smartphone with added features like an expandable storage option and bigger battery. The camera has been downgraded from 16 MP to 12 MP with the camera sensor remaining the same, but that’s a story for another day.

For now, let’s look at the best cases for the smartphone, after all, if you’re getting it, you wouldn’t risk carrying it without some solid protection! So, here are the Top 10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7. As new cases comes out, we will make sure that we update this list of Top 10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7.

1) Spigen Neo Hybrid (Gunmetal) Premium Bumper Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Top-10-Best-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Topping up this list of Top 10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 is Spigen, which has been known to design one of the best cases for the top smartphones, so, expect nothing less from it for the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is dual layered: shock absorbing TPU layer with a polycarbonate bumper. The outer layer, as you can see, has a new TPU design to add more grip on your Galaxy S7 without dust build-up, and it also makes for a very comfortable hold in your hands. The frame has been upgraded for more sturdier durability and snug fit. It also has TPU buttons for better ans easy pressing of the buttons.

The case is also very stylish in design, and it is available in three different colors. The cases don’t come cheap, but it’s all worth it. Check them out.


2) OBLIQ Slim Fit Dual Layer Case with Metal Finish for Samsung Galaxy S7

Top-10-Best-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7If you’re into metallic finishes and like the metallic looks on your phone, then, this one’s just the right one for you. This dual layered case of TPU interior and polycarbonate exterior make for an innovative all-round protection, shielding your device from most drops, not to mention scratches. It is engineered to complement the looks of the Galaxy S7 by highlighting the curves of the phone and it barely adds any bulk to your device. On top of that, the metallic brush finish promises elegance on your Galaxy S7.

Available in four different colors, the Space Gray and the Gold version are worth your attention. View them here.


3) Verus Dual Layer Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Top-10-Best-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Want to let your phone’s beauty shine while still having solid protection? Then, Verus has the answer for you in the unique dual layered but clear case for Galaxy S7. The combination of high grade TPU and PC, one  absorbs shock while the other resists impacts, shields your Galaxy S7 from serious collisions. It covers all four corners and has a raised TPU lip for protecting the screen while placing it face down. The clear back let’s the S7’s beauty shine unhindered, making for a stylish phone and case on your hands.

The case is also very durable to last you as long as your phone. View it here.


4) LUVVITT Flexible Sleek Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Top-10-Best-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Here’s an option if you prefer soft cases over those hard ones. This one is a soft and flexible case for the Galaxy S7 made out of rubberized TPU. The case is capable of protecting your Galaxy S7 from mid-level impacts by absorbing the shock, and has raised lip on around the screen for lay on the table design. The TPU rubber  material is comfortable on your hands and also provides good grip. Another great thing about soft cases is they are lightweight as well.

The slim and sleek case with seamless integration on your S7 is a good option for you. Check it out here.


5) Poetic Affinity Series Dual Material Premium Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Top-10-Best-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7This modern looking stylish case is as cool as it’s name sounds. It is made up of clear polycarbonate molded with soft shock absorbing TPU material, which is capable of protecting your Galaxy S7 from most of the collisions and drops. It’s X-Form Architecture gives it more protection on the corners, and the side grip pattern prevents sliding out of your hands. The inner ridged TPU surface enables effective shock dissipation while keeping bulk at a minimum and it also features raised bezels for front face protection.

This case is  a very good showcase to show  what the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers. It’s also clear at the back for showing off your Galaxy S7 premium design. View it here.


6) Caseology Envoy Series Luxury Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Top-10-Best-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Looking for something classy and luxurious? What says more classy than leather cases? Combine that with some metal, and you’ve got a sophisticated, versatile and stylish case for your Galaxy S7. The case case is constructed of textured TPU with polycarbonate will protect your phone from most falls and impacts while giving you superior grip and it’s topped up with a raised bezel to protect the screen as well. The synthetic leather carbon fiber back pairs perfectly with a gold bumper for the luxurious and classy look.

It’s available in six different color to choose from but the Leather Brown and Cherry Oak are to look out for. View them here.


7) Spigen Air Cushion Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Top-10-Best-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Show your Samsung Galaxy S7 some tough love with this one. Spigen is back on this list of Top 10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 with this heavy duty protection case. This case is constructed of dual layers of shock absorbing TPU and hard polycarbonate with Air Cushion technology that boasts Military Grade protection to your Galaxy S7. It also features a 1.4 mm raised bezel for front protection. So, you can easily rest assured that it’ll protect your phone against almost all bumps, falls, impacts and scratches.

It also features an integrated kickstand for comfortable viewing. Available in five different colors to choose from. Check them out here.


8) SUPCASE Water Resistant Full Body Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Top-10-Best-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Okay, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is water resistant in itself, but if you want to make it more so, just in case, this waterproof case will do it for you. The case offers advanced dual layer protection with inner TPU core, an outer PC hard shell and a built-in screen protector. So, it covers your Galaxy S7 as whole, making it water resistant, impact and shock proof, and it includes port covers to to block dust and debris. This case is not sealed waterproof, so don’t submerge in water but it’ll protect you just fine from spills and such.

It includes three inter-changeable back covers in Space-Gray, Silver and Gold, so you get the freedom to put on whichever color you choose. View it here.


9) Verus VRS Design Luxury Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S7


No list of cases is complete without a great leather case, and so, this one makes it into the list of Top 10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7. This luxury leather case looks great with all the best of leather look. It’s made out of PU leather but is layered with TPU for extra protection. It covers all of your Galaxy S7 and fits snugly to ensure grip and minimal thickness. It has three slots for storing cards and a money pocket so that you can leave your wallet at home! The magnetic clip keeps everything secure inside.

The case offers a genuine leather look and feels like real leather in your hands. View it here.


10) Exact TANK Series Rugged Tough Heavy Duty Armor for Samsung Galaxy S7

Top-10-Best-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Put some muscle on your Samsung Galaxy S7 with this case. Last but not least on the list of Top 10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 is this muscular tough armor for your phone that will offer the high-level of protection to your phone. It’s got two-piece construction, a silicone skin on top of a tough polycarbonate skeleton shell for added protection. The TPU and PU construction allows for a tank-like protection and shock absorbency and has a turtle-shell design to withstand everyday wear-n-tear. The design also provides a good grip.

It’s available in seven different colors and also has a kickstand for comfort viewing. View them here.


So, this was Top 10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7, with the list of the best cases for your Galaxy S7. Thanks for reading and stay with us for more such information and news. There are official cases yet to be released and we will update the list of Top 10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 when they are released.


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