Yes, the LG G6 is quite a compelling flagship out there, no doubt. It was also one of the most anticipated flagship phones and if you have bought it or ordered it, I say good choice! The LG G6 is beautiful to look at and hold, while it also packs quite the powerful specs inside. It’s definitely one of the best, if not the best, phones out there, really. But anyhow, a phone, no matter, how sweet,  is not complete without some accessories. So, what are the things you might need with your LG G6? There are a quite a bit of option for you choose from really, but here are the Top 10 Accessories for LG G6.

So,  from cases to earphones to cables, we have made sure to include various types of accessories you might need. So, read on Top 10 Accessories for LG G6.

1) Poetic Affinity Series Slim Fit Reinforced Clear Case for LG G6

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6First up on Top 10 Accessories for LG G6, we have a phone case for your LG G6. The LG G6 has a glass body this time, which makes it beautiful, but also leaves it vulnerable to drops and such. So, a phone case is a must-have accessory for the LG G6. Hence, we have this clear case with reinforced bumpers and grip. It is made out of hard PC molded with soft TPU and styled with protective X-Form Poetic Design DNA.

It’s available in three different color combos to choose from for less than $8. Check this hybrid clear case out here>>

Check this hybrid clear case out here>>

2) iSmooth Ultra Tough Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG G6

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6Next up, on Top 10 Accessories for LG G6, we have a screen protector for your phone. Now, the phone screens are the most vulnerable part of any phone, and with only Gorilla Glass 3 corning, the LG G6’s screen might be prone to breaks after falls. So, here is a 9H tempered glass crafted using premium Japanese Asahi Glass that provides super resistance to scratches, dirt, fingerprints, smudges, drops and impacts. Also, it provides smooth touch feeling and great touch accuracy as well as max clarity on the screen.

With this one, you’ll even forget you have a screen protector on!

You can get it for less than $10 right here>>

3) Anker USB-C to Micro-USB Adapter

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6Since LG G6 has the USB-C port, it might not be compatible with many of the devices out there that still use the Micro-USB port. So, what you’ll need with the LG G6 is a USB-C to Micro-USB Adapter and that’s what we have next on Top 10 Accessories for LG G6. This uses the USB 2.0 protocol for high-speed data transfer and fast charging. Also, it has a 56-ohm resistance for good safety and reliability as well.

It’s a 2-in-1 pack for as less as $8.

And you can get these adapters right here>>

4) RAVPower 20100 mAh USB-C Power Bank

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6So, a power bank is definitely a good grab for the LG G6. The LG G6 features 3300 mAh battery but with heavy usage, will only last about 12-13 hours. So, a power bank such as this is a good choice. This power bank features USB-C, so, it’s just perfect for the LG G6. Also, it features Quick Charge 3.0, which enables you to charge your device faster. And with its 20100 mAh capacity, you can charge your LG G6 6 times over.

This power bank is available for a discounted price of as less as $50 for now.

Take a look at it here>>

5) Choetech Wireless Charging Pad with Smart Lighting Sensor

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6Next up on Top 10 Accessories for LG G6, we have a wireless charging pad for the LG G6. Now since the G6 supports Qi wireless charging, a wireless charging pad is quite a convenient accessory for the phone. It has a small, compact size, which doesn’t occupy many sizes on your table too. Also, with its fast charging, it delivers high charging speeds for your phone. Furthermore, its smart lights indicator indicates when your phone is charging and if it has fully charged.

There are two colors available to choose from black and white for less than $15.

Have a look at this smart wireless charging pad here>>

6) LG Electronics Music Flow H7 Wireless Speaker

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6The LG G6 has some awesome sounds output, no doubt. But if you wanna crank up the volume or so, you have this awesome wireless bluetooth speaker. It has a cool metal mesh network design on the outside while offering a loud 70W of peak output. It also supports multi-room integration as well. Furthermore, it supports audio streaming services from Google Cast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, etc.

You can get this cool looking wireless speaker for less than $140 here>>

7) Samsung EVO+ MicroSDXC Memory Card

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6LG G6 offers in-built storage options of 32 GB and 64 GB. For many of us, it should be ample, but for the photo enthusiasts and such, the phone also offers expandable storage up to 2 TB. While a 2 TB SD card isn’t available yet, you can have this one a 256 GB microSDXC card which offers up to 95 MBPS transfer speeds which enable you to read/write data as well as load your media pretty fast.

It also comes with an adapter and there’s even color choices of read , green and black.

View this microSDXC card here>>

8) ProCase Premium Leather Wallet Case for LG G6

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6Another phone case for your LG G6 in this list of Top 10 Accessories for LG G6. This case is built more for convenience rather than protection. It’s made out of premium PU leather which is protective against scratches, scuffs and mid-level impacts. Also, its wallet feature enables you to store up to 3 cards and some cash inside it securely. Furthermore, it’s folio cover can act as a kickstand for easy media watching.

There are 4 color choices available for as less as $11.

Check it out here>>

9) Origem Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6While the earphones that come in the box with your LG G6 might be quite good, you might, however, if you want wireless headphones, then these are the ones to pick up. These are a pair of high-powered dynamic speaker with APTX audio technology that makes communication easier while any physical activities like running or workouts. It has 180 mAh battery which allows you to play 12  hours of music continuously. Also, its Bluetooth 4.1 technology makes it compatible with most of the phones and tablets out there.

You can choose between red and black for the colors for just around $33.

Take a look at these wireless sports headphones here>>

10) Fonesalesman QiStone Wireless Power bank

top-10-accessories-for-lg-g6Last but not the least in Top 10 Accessories for LG G6, we have a wireless power bank for your phone. If you want wireless charging for your phone, then, you can kick it up a notch with this wireless power bank. It works with Qi-enabled phones, which LG G6 is, and it itself is charged wirelessly before charging any other devices wirelessly. With 4000mAh capacity, it might only be used to charge your LG G6 once, but that must be enough to get you through the day.

Get this Wireless Power Bank for LG G6 right here for as less as $50 >>


So, these were the Top 10 Accessories for LG G6. Also, there are other cool must-have accessories for your phone out there such as car chargers or lazy-stands that didn’t make the list. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more news and information.

Do you have any recommendation? Do leave your thoughts down below at the comments section! Also, what do you want to see next? Do let us know that as well. As always, thank you for reading this article Top 10 Accessories for LG G6.


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