Microsoft had some hot announcements to made during the Electronic Entertainment Expo. They not only launched a new Xbox One with 1TB of storage but also announced their plan for backward compatibility with Xbox 360 Games. Sony realizing that it is better late than never, today, announced a 1TB version of the PS4 as well as a revised 500GB PS4.Sony-PS4-CUH-1200-officialThe new PS4 is dubbed PS4 Ultimate Player Edition and it will launch in select European and PAL territories starting July 15. The internals of the new PS4 is the same as that of the ongoing model. There is no architectural changes inside. Pricing is yet to be known. But as it directly competes with the Xbox One (which sells for $399 for 1TB model), it is safe to assume that the 1TB variant of the PS4 will also sell for $399.

That’s not all. What excites me the most is the announcement of the new 500GB PS4 which has an improved processor and overall better internals. No, there is no performance improvements (as you would have already expected) but the new machine is 10% more lighter and 8% less-power hungry.

Sony-PS4-CUH-1200-officialThe new 500GB model dubbed PS4 CUH-1200 is initially being sold in Japan and then other Asian countries. North America and Europe will immediately get the new console after Japan. The new console will able be available for purchase in the US for $399.

Source: Engadget || CNet || Kotaku


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