US based Apple users can now buy a SIM-free or completely unlocked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for real. Although Apple has already gone SIM-less in Europe, it has finally made them available in the US. You can opt out for iPhone 6 starting at $649 without any contract with the carrier.



The price of each model rises a hundred Dollars up depending on its storage capacity. For instance, the unlocked and contract-free iPhone 6 will cost $749 for 64 GB and $849 for 128 GB. Furthermore, the iPhone 6 Plus starts at $749 for 16 GB, $849 for 64 GB and $949 for 128 GB.

The iPhone 6 is a smartphone with 4.7 inched screen, lit with bright 1334×750 pixels retina HD display that is 6.9 mm thick and as light as 129 g. The iPhone 6 Plus on the other hand, is the iPhone at its largest with screen 5.5 inches big, consisting 1920 X 1080 pixels retina HD display.

iPhone-6-is-worth-giving-a-shotBoth of them are powered by Apple’s own A8 Chip built on second generation 64-bit desktop class architecture. Another add-on to the power enhancement is the new M8 motion coprocessor that is effective in advanced sensing capabilities, that introduces a new Barometer. It plays a vital role for efficient performance, multi-tasking, and energy-saving. The longer battery life adds the cherry on top. Every newer iPhone has been a beauty to admire and these two smartphones do not fail on the aesthetic part either.

It is a notable event in the lifespan of iPhone. The unlocked iPhone is packed with same features as its locked models but without any contract or carrier installment plan. Before this, it was not much guaranteed that the iPhone could be compatible with any other carrier. Previous unlocked iPhones mostly supported GSM networks but the new SIM less iPhone will work with GSM as well as CDMA networks. An unlocked iPhone is a great deal if you don’t like to buy a multi-year contracted phone. It is also useful while travelling abroad.

Source: GSMArena || PhoneArena


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