The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been around for sometime now, and if you’re wondering about it, I can tell you that it’s definitely much much better than the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Samsung Galaxy S6, was a bummer to be honest and I think that Samsung was in need of something to rescue itself from that. And well, seems it has found something with the new Samsung Galaxy S7. Everything seems to be better: the camera, the design, the power, you name it! It is the best smartphone available in the market right now. It has been receiving a lot of good reviews and comments, so, let’s see what the hype is about in Samsung Galaxy S7: All there is to know . 

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-All-there-is-to-knowMany smartphones claimed to be one of the best contenders for the best smartphones of 2016. Well, whoever they were / are, sure got there hands full. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has all the right moves to beat them, in most of the areas, anyway. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and it’s elder brother, the S7 Edge have just become the bar to beat. How long will they hold up? Let’s see what the smaller one of the two packs in Samsung Galaxy S7: All there is to know .

Design and Display

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-All-there-is-to-knowEven at first glance, it’s really really attractive to look at! It has the same design as the Galaxy S6, but this time, it’s refined and much better. With a closer look, you will find that Samsung has perfected the design language. By refining the last year’s metal frame and dual glass panels, it just gives the “wow” feeling! The phone provides very good handling and accessibility, thanks to it’s compact size and all the right curves and bezels. It’s so perfectly hand-fitting that you’ll actually miss it when you let go of it!

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-All-there-is-to-knowThe display is 5.1″ of Super AMOLED screen with Ouad-HD resolution. That’s 1440 x 2560 resolution and with such a compact screen, it means more pixel density, meaning better pictures with highly saturated colors. It features the Always-On screen, which displays either the time, calendar or an image even in stand-by mode, so that you don’t have to keep waking up your phone. But honestly, waking up your S7 isn’t that of a big deal, so, I didn’t find this feature that useful. Only flaw of the display was it’s brightness management. You kinda have to slide it all the way up to see in daylight, while if you slide it all the way down, you can’t see anything!


The Galaxy S7 is just a piece of beauty. It’s very slim, sleek and seamless, even the camera isn’t protruding! Of course, the Galaxy S7 is water and dust resistant with an IP68 rating, so, don’t worry about using it in a storm or a sandstorm! The only thing that bothered me was the glass body is a huge smudge magnet. The more you hold it, the dirtier it seems to get…you have to keep wiping it with a microfiber, but that can be corrected with a good phone case!


Samsung-Galaxy-S7-All-there-is-to-knowCameras on the Samsung Galaxy flagships have never disappointed us and this time, it’s no different. It has one of the best cameras you can find out there. First, the camera doesn’t protrude out of the body, so it’s very seamless and allows for a good lay-on-the-table design. It has gone down from a former 16 MP to 12 MP, but the pixels are bigger (1.4 microns to be exact) which means better low-light performance and better & faster + more accurate auto-focus. Of course, you will lose a few details here and there, but it’s negligible. The camera also has very good Optical Image Stabilization, but you can’t use it while shooting 4K videos.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-All-there-is-to-knowThe front camera is 5 MP shooter and it just takes wonderful selfies, and with wider angles, you can fit more into your selfies now. Even the front camera feature 4K video recording, which is great for all the v-loggers and selfie enthusiasts. But if you like natural-looking selfies, then, you’re going to be a bit bummed out as it’s selfies tend to be a bit more plastic, i.e. more beautified and less natural. But for other, it works great! Besides that, the camera app is just great and various modes let you control everything about the pictures you take.


Software and Platform

For all the flagships out there, Android Marshmallow (Andoroid 6.0) has become customary. So, the Samsung Galaxy S7, too, will be running on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 with it’s own TouchWiz UI. Now, Marshmallow offers the best polished OS out there, but the TouchWiz makes it even more colorful and gives it a childish look. It might annoy some, but it’s actually less than that of the Huawei EMUI or some others, though. Still, it offers some great user experience with it’s few added cool features. Samsung-Galaxy-S7-All-there-is-to-know

The first thing to mention would be it’s Game Launcher feature, that let’s you organize all your games in one place and maximize your game-play experience by letting you access some other features while still within your game. Other features include its multi-window feature that lets you multi task more easily. You can adjust the size of your windows to your convenience, and use two windows at once, but for a screen that size, it won’t come in handy very much.

On the processing side, the Galaxy S7 will be available in two variants: one with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and the other with Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 Octa. Both of them are super powerful chips and both are paired with the Adreno 530 and Mali T880 GPU.  Combined with it’s 4 GB RAM, it makes for a super fast and super smooth performance, no matter what you’re doing: gaming heavily or multi-tasking with many apps in the background. The phone just blazes with performance power, and there are no or very little problems of overheating.

Battery and Memory

Now, let’s talk about Battery and Memory in Samsung Galaxy S7: All there is to know. The Galaxy S7 features a large 3000 mAh battery, which is 400 up from it’s predecessor. It’s no battery giant, but it will perfectly get you through your day. It has one of the best stand-by time and it boasts up to 22 hrs of talk-time. The battery can decrease dramatically with heavy apps but it will still last. However, it has enabled fast charge support with it’s USB 2.0, which will enable your S7 to fully juice up in just over and hour. It’s also got Qi / Wireless Charging, which isn’t a vital feature, but it’s definitely worth having.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-All-there-is-to-knowIn the memory department, it’s available in two variations: 32 GB and 64 GB. Though these are both good amount of storage, the Galaxy S7 also features the comeback of the microSD card slot that disappeared from the S6. The card slot supports up to 200 GB memory easily, and even if very few people use up all their on board memory, the expandable option is nice to have.

Additional Features

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has very less bloat-ware from the beginning, which makes it more convenient. The new Game Launcher feature of TouchWiz is really exciting for gamers, and the multi-task has been made easier, but it will take everyone a little more to get used to in it’s small screen. The one thing I haven’t mentioned in Samsung Galaxy S7: All there is to know is that the front of the phone features a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is just as accurate and fast as that of the iPhone 6S.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-All-there-is-to-knowSpeaking of additional features on the Samsung Galaxy S7: All there is to know, is the feature that has been sticking around since the Galaxy S5. The heart-rate monitor app let’s you measure your heart-beat and even your blood oxygen levels, or so, but I found this more gimmicky than useful. I used it a few times, and then, forgot all about it. It is somewhat fun to show off to your friends, but other than that, it’s pretty much useless, in my view, at least. Another disappointment is the Speakers of the Galaxy S7. The speakers are more like below average than what you’d find in the market. The sounds seem sometimes muffled and sometimes unnecessarily loud at times. So, don’t expect any great music play from your S7.
Samsung-Galaxy-S7-All-there-is-to-knowIt’s IP68 certified water and dust resistance is still very cool feature, due to the fact that there are no extra flaps or covers to do so. The phone can survive perfectly for about 30 minutes in 1.5 meter depth underwater. So, if you’re feeling bored, feel free to even wash your phone!

To sum up Samsung Galaxy S7: All there is to know, here’s Samsung Galaxy S7: All there is to know at a glance:

Design: Metal Frame with Dual Glass panels, super Curvy Edges

Weight: 152 grams

Dimensions: 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm

Display: 5.1″ Super AMOLED screen with 1440 x 2560 QHD resolution

Camera: 12 MP Dual-Pixel (larger pixel size) rear camera & 5 MP front camera with OIS and 4K recording on both

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 / Exynos 8890 Octa

OS: Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 with TouchWiz UI


Storage: 32 / 64 GB on-board storage with microSD card slot upto 200 GB

Battery: 3000 mAh

Body: IP68 certified Water & Dust resistance

So, this was Samsung Galaxy S7: All there is to know with all the relevant information about the new smartphone that’s taking the market by storm! If you’re still wondering about this phone, I’ll tell you that it is expensive but worth having. The only problem are in it’s speakers and a few bloatwares from TouchWiz. But apart from that, it’s a very good phone and stylish as hell. Any further information, and we’ll be sure to update it. So, thanks for reading Samsung Galaxy S7: All there is to know, and keep with us for more such information and news.


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