Sooo……the S7 Active is soon to be released, very soon, in fact….or it might have by the time you’re reading this. Since the water resistance made it’s debut again with the standard S7, what is in the S7 Active…you might ask. Well, why don’t you find out? Here’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: All there is to know. Let me tell you right now, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is not much different in terms of the specs or power than the S7. But the S7 Active costs about a $100 more than the already expensive Galaxy S7. That might not necessarily surprise you, but it might make you wonder what could Samsung possibly add besides the water resistance that’s already there in S7 to make it more expensive. And is it worth buying? You can decide for yourself, after you read Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: All there it to know.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Active-All-there-is-to-knowThe Samsung Galaxy S7 is already a contender for the best smartphones of 2016. But people always say that what they want in a phone is a tough screen and huge battery and the S7 Active can give you both. With added strength, could this be better than the already best flagship from Samsung? Depends… So, let’s see what has it got in store for you for an additional $100 in Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: All there is to know

Design and Display

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Active-All-there-is-to-knowFirst up, the display. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7, there’s no difference whatsover in the display of the new Galaxy S7 Active. The screen is the same 5.1″ Super AMOLED screen with QHD 1440 x 2560 resolution. The display is one of the best Samsung has ever come up with. Samsung boasts that the screen is shatterproof in this one, though it’s the same Gorilla Glass 4 as with the S7. But even with the shatterproof screen, there’s no difference in the sharpness, vibrance, color, etc. in the display. So, everything stays the same here, including the Always-On screen and the brightness management problem. Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Active-All-there-is-to-knowTalking about the design, it’s NOT very good to look at. I mean, it’s nothing like the Galaxy S7, it’s NOT attractive. That’s natural, given it’s the S7 Active as it trades beauty for utility. It’s ruggedly designed and has that grip texture pattern.  It doesn’t look premium at all. But when you get over the fact that it’s ugly, there’s more than what meets the eye. The S7 Active has a soft touch matte rubber bumper sides that absorbs shock and the back is made out of hard PC that make it a Military Grade body. It easily withstands drops from over 5 ft., can endure tough pressure and temperature and you can submerge it deeper for longer underwater than the S7. Sure, the phone is bulkier & heavier, but it is indestructible.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Active-All-there-is-to-knowWhat’s new in the S7 Active is the fingerprint sensor on the home button. Sure, the S7 has got one too, but it’s first in the Active line. You can find the fingerprint sensor button between two large physical buttons, the back button and the multi-tasking. Yes, physical solid buttons that you press, not just touch like in the S7. It seems Samsung might have gone back in time with this one but it can both mean a good thing or bad, totally depending on the user.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Active-All-there-is-to-knowAlso, under-appreciated is the Active Key, a feature of the phone that can let you quickly launch apps. It is a programmable button located on the top left hand side of the phone and can let you access three different apps with a quick-press, a long-press and a double-press. It is programmable to whichever app you choose, and can prove to be very convenient.

Overall, the design of the phone is not premium, but very strong. You get a shatterproof screen and a phone that won’t break when you knock it off the table or something. It is IP68 water and dust resistance and has 810 G shock resistance as well. What’s more is that it won’t actually require a case, but hey, if you want one, you can have one.


Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Active-All-there-is-to-knowNext up on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: All there is to know is the camera. I’ve already mentioned that everything else other than the design and battery is the same on the S7 Active as the S7. It shares the same 12 MP  rear camera with Dual Pixel technology and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) for some really vibrant and really good pictures.  The camera doesn’t protrude out of the body in this one as well, and it gives some good low-light performance with more accurate auto-focus. The front camera is also the same 5 MP shooter and both the rear and the front can take 4K videos. While the S7 Active has a few added manual controls for video recording ( shutter-speed and white balance) that the S7 doesn’t have, the S7’s camera can also be updated with this feature, so, nothing different really.

Software and Platform

The software is Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 as well, with the same TouchWiz UI experience here as well. So, you can rest assured that you’ll get some great user experience with this one as well. It has the same Game Launcher feature that the new TouchWiz in the S7 has, which is great for gamers. But we cannot be sure about the bloatware in this one. While the S7 has reduced bloatware, the S7 Active is exclusive to AT&T carrier only in the US, so, you might get some extra bloatware from AT&T. You can even notice the carrier logo on the back of the phone. I don’t get why Samsung chose to do this, but well, it is as it is.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Active-All-there-is-to-knowOn the processing side, it only comes with the Quad-Core 2.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset. It is supported by the same 4 GB RAM and Adreno 530 GPU, making it a total powerhouse,  so, gaming and multi-tasking is going to be very smooth.

Battery and Memory

The Galaxy S7 Active is bulkier, as you might know now, but not just only because it is tough, it’s got a bigger battery! The S7 Active features a mammoth 4000 mAh battery which has got to be one of the largest batteries out there in a smartphone. It can get you continuous video playback of over 21 hours! It can sure keep your Active lifestyle on the run. While charging, is supports both Wireless and Rapid charging, just icing on the cake.

In terms of memory, this phone has a 32 GB internal storage with an expandable option upto 256 GB with a dedicated microSD slot. You aren’t going to run out of space anytime soon! But who knows, with such a good camera with 4K recording, you might just fill it up with pictures!

Additional Features

There aren’t many new features in the S7 Active than with the S7, so, nothing to talk about in this department of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: All there is to know, really. The Active Key might not really catch your attention, but it sure comes in handy. It can provide you quick access to your favorite apps or games as well. The Game Launcher let’s you maximize your gameplay experience as well. The sounds in the S7 Active hasn’t improved any than the S7, which is still below average than the ones available out there, so, any movie or music would mandatorily require headphones!

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Active-All-there-is-to-knowYes, the phone is beefier, bulkier and heavier but on top of the already available water resistance, it can withstand extreme abuse, temperature and pressure. So, you can literally “play” with your phone, if you’re bored and feel like it.

Let’s sum up Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: All there is to know. So, here’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: All there is to know in overview:

Design: Soft-touch Matte Rubberized bumpers with Military-grade hard PC back

Weight: 185 grams

Thickness: 9.9 mm

Display: 5.1″ Super AMOLED screen with 1440 x 2560  QHD resolution and shatterproof glass

Camera: 12 MP Dual Pixel rear camera and 5 MP front camera  with OIS and 4K recording

Processor: Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820

OS: Android Marshmallow with TouchWiz UI


Storage: 32 GB with dedicated microSD card slot (upto 256 GB)

Battery: 4000 mAh with Rapid Charging and Wireless charging

Body: IP68 certified Water resistance and 810 G shock resistance, Military grade toughness

So, this was Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: All there is to know with everything that you’d need to know about this phone. Sure, the design of the phone is not going to appeal to most, but you need to remember that it trades beauty for utility. The design even looks like a case on the phone, so, if you get it, don’t be surprised when people ask you what case that is. It’s plasticy and cheap feel is even worse than it looks but it can take quite a beating. Also, with more battery life, there’s more you can do with it. It’s marketed for those with an “Active” lifestyle but whether you’re active or just clumsy, this phone gives you a peace of mind when you drop it or something. Keep in mind, this phone is AT&T exclusive.

Thanks for reading Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: All there is to know. We’ll be sure to update in case of anything new. For more information, stick with us only at


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