This one comes in as a bad news. Samsung Galaxy S6 has no MicroSD Card slot. This is the first Samsung Galaxy flagship phone without a memory expansion slot. To make the phone look visually stunning, Samsung has completely redesigned the phone. The phone looks really good but the lack of SD card slot and a removable battery is a huge disappointment for Samsung fans.

latest-samsung-galaxy-s6-leakOne of the few reasons which people preferred Samsung over other phones including iPhone has to be its inclusion of Micro-SD card slot. As the Galaxy S6 doesn’t feature the card slot, we are pretty sure many of us (including me) will be moving away from the phone.

Remember how HTC realised that it was a bad move to not include Micro-SD card in their flagship phone, the HTC One M7? With the M8, they have always had Micro-SD card slot.

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Having MicroSD Card Slot in a phone has numerous advantages:

  • You can add memory even after you have purchased a phone. No need to regret even if you have bought the base 16GB model.
  • It is very cheap to expand memory with Micro-SD card. Adding 64GB storage in a phone costs only $35 if you choose Micro-SD Card route.
  • Sharing data with your friends is so much easier with Micro-SD card.
  • It is very easy to back up data using MicroSD card before formatting your phone.

We would have loved it if Samsung somehow included Micro-SD card in their flagship phone, the Galaxy S6. Even without it, Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great package. If Micro-SD card expansion isn’t that important to you, this phone may be a great pick for you. As for now, it is either Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9 for new buyers.

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