Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a smartphone very different from others. It is extremely similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 internally, though. The Galaxy Note Edge has a curved display on its right side which makes this phone very unique. The curved part of the display is customizable and looks very cool. 

Galax- Note-Edge-has-Bad-Battery-EnduranceDue to the new design language Samsung implemented in this phone, they had to put in a smaller 3000mAh battery in the Note Edge. The Samsung Galaxy Note has bigger 3220mAh battery. Initially, we thought that the Note Edge with a slightly smaller screen (5.6″) will have similar endurance than its cousin, the Note 4. We tested the phone extensively and found out that the phone doesn’t hold charge that much. While the Note 4 easily lasted 2-2.5 days, the Note Edge did only one day.

The screen time of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on average was 4.5 hours with mixed usage. Samsung Galaxy Note 4, in the other hand, lasted 6 hours on average. The video test endurance showed that the Note Edge lasted only 7 and a half hour. The Note 4 did 14 hours. Simply put it this way : The Galaxy Note Edge has bad battery endurance.

Initially, we thought that we had received a defective unit. We were almost certain about it. Being a “Note”, we expected its battery to be much better. Then, this morning GSMArena confirmed that the Galaxy Note Edge has bad battery endurance .  The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge had endurance rating of only 52 hours which is way too less. In their test, they found out that while watching a video, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge lasted 7 hours less than the Note 4.

The good news is that Samsung is working on a fix. Samsung, in their twitter post admits that there indeed is a bug in the Note Edge resulting in poor battery endurance.


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