The PlayStation gaming console from Sony has revolutionized the gaming world since it was released and there is no wonder it is the best gaming console series. The latest addition to it was the PlayStation 4 or better known as the PS4. There are a lot of gaming consoles currently available in the market but everyone can agree that PS4 certainly stands out. It is obvious that if you are reading this article, you are familiar with the PlayStation consoles and you may also be trying to find a price-cut deal for the console and as Black Friday is approaching, it is expected.

There may be people who prefer other gaming consoles to this one and that is fine as everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But here we have an article for you describing as to why PS4 is the best gaming console to buy on the upcoming Black Friday.



The PS4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles right now and although it competes with the likes of Xbox One, most of the polls and debates conclude with most of the people opting the PS4. Just to make it clear, we are not saying that the Xbox One is bad, we are just stating actual facts.

Starting off with its changes from the predecessor, the PS4 has changed its design. The PS3 had a bigger and chunky frame but the PS4 has more angular slanted sides, and a light running down the middle indicating its status. There is also a change in the noise produced by the devices, the PS3 tends to produce fan noises but the PS4 is practically silent even when playing high level games for a long period of time. Sony has also stated that the PS4 is 10 times as powerful as the PS3 and as powerful as it is, it has more HD graphics and features higher quality games as well.


The controller has changed as well. The DualShock 4 game pad that comes with the PS4 is way better than the PS3 controller. The most obvious change between the DualShock 4 and DualShock 3 is the new touch pad, which rests at the top of the PS4 controller. The 2-inch wide click-able spot supports 2 points of touch and pinch to zoom features. There is also a slight change in the analog sticks, the sticks have concave designs in the top that divots in their centre and have raised rims around the top, the new right and left joysticks keep the thumbs in place during game-plays. You can also distinguish which player is player 1 or 2 by looking at the glowing colour of the joystick. Many Xbox lovers have also marvelled at the design of the new PS4 controllers and looking at its function and design, it is no surprise.


The final comparison for PS4 is the long running rivalry and the one device that goes head to head with it in the market and befits the stature of the console by Sony, it is the Xbox One. Keep in mind that this article is not biased and based entirely on the actual facts and figures and we are comparing it as these are considered the mainstream gaming consoles.

About two years have passed since the 2 devices have hit the market and Sony’s large sales numbers prove that the PS4 is more popular among the video game enthusiasts. According to the facts, the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 2-1 right now. The design difference between the two devices are also crucial to factor in which console is a better buy. The Xbox One’s dimensions make it a menacing gaming beast that measures 13.5 inch x 10.4 inch x 3.2 inch. It’s also riddled with vents, a design decision to avoid another Red Ring of Death overheating scenario.


PS4 has a more distinctive angular shape with an overall stylish design. This half-matte half-gloss console measures a slimmer 10.8 inch x 12 inch x 2 inch at its widest regions.


These given dimensions make the PS4 more media cabinet friendly and convenient, at least next to the Xbox One. The Xbox is also heavier than the PlayStation with it weighing about 3.56 kg and the latter weighing 2.75 kg.

PS4 and Xbox One are void of remarkable characteristics on the front. There’s a Blu-ray/DVD combo drive to the left and their respective, muted-colour logos to the right. PS4 has a pair of USB ports tucked between its sandwich-like halves next to where the disc drive is located.

PS4-Best-Gaming-Console-to-buy It’s party in the back Xbox One connections. That’s where it has two USB ports, HDMI in, HDMI out, S/PDIF for digital audio, a proprietary Xbox One Kinect port, an IR blaster connection and an Ethernet port. To the far right is a K-lock in case you want to lug this system around to LAN parties.

Sony has a minimal approach when it comes to PS4’s rear ports. You’ll only find an HDMI out, S/PDIF, Ethernet and PS4 camera port (marked “AUX”) around back.

Xbox One is more feature-packed in this area thanks to its HDMI in and IR blaster connections used for its TV cable or satellite box functionality. But are you really going to use this feature? PS4 lacks this pass-through technology, opting to stick with gaming as its top priority and will you really be looking at the ports and connections rather than focusing on your game?

However, Xbox features a faster internet connection than the PS. The PS4 makes room for gigabit Ethernet and 802.1.1 WiFi bands b/g/n while the Xbox One includes all of that and also the older 802.1.1 a band. Both the consoles were launched with 500 GB hard drives and both now have 1 TB variants. While the PS4 allows user-replaceable internal drives, it was found that there is a standard looking drive inside but replacing it could void the warranty.


We all like a healthy competition and these consoles provide exactly that.

Of course after all you will be considering the price of the device and the original price for the PS4 was $399.99/£349.99. But Sony has confirmed a £50.00 price drop on the PlayStation 4, that amounts to about $76. But if you are someone thinking about purchasing a PlayStation 4 and has been swayed by the price cut, we suggest holding on for just a little longer. Black Friday , the week-long celebration of capitalism gone insane is approaching and Amazon, Tesco, Game, John Lewis, Argos and everyone else will be slapping big discounts on the PS4.

On Amazon, you already can find a deal in which it will cost just £289.00 for the PS4. For further details, Click here

There are also great bundle deals for the PS4 and for your convenience, we are listing them out (The console comes with 2 free games):

PS4 Grand Theft Auto V Black Friday bundle-$400:

  • PlayStation 4 500 GB console with controller
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • The last of us

PlayStation 4 with Lego Batman 3 and Little Big Planet 3-$400:

  • PlayStation 4 500 GB console with controller
  • LEGO Batman 3: beyond Gotham
  • Little big planet 3

PlayStation 4 with Destiny bundle-$400:

  • PlayStation 4 500 GB console with controller
  • Destiny

Looking at the overall quality, comparisons and such great deals coming up, you know that the PS4 is the Best Gaming Console to buy on this Black Friday. Thank you for reading this article on PS4: Best Gaming Console to buy. Keep visiting our page as we will constantly be updating on more great deals and devices.


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