Alright, so the Black Friday 2015 draws near everyday and so, it’s hype is also increasing day by day. And now, we are able to see some Black Friday 2015 deals for preview. Among them is the HTC RE Camera for 75 % off. But, not only for Black Friday, this little device is available for only $50 as of now! So, if you ever wanted this camera, now is the time. Pre Black Friday 2015 Deal: HTC Re Camera for $50!Pre-Black-Friday-2015-Deal-HTC-Re-Camera-for-$50This compact little camera from HTC is nothing new or that already didn’t exist in one form or other. It is a little periscope shaped camera that was designed to encourage people to stop seeing the world through a smartphone and join in the action while recording it just by pointing simply at it. It’s a single purpose device that has no display and honestly, not much of image quality. With 16 MP camera and no viewfinder, this device can’t even compete against modern-day smartphones but it sure comes in handy.

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It is very easy to hold, thanks to its design and you can see what you’re capturing by pairing it to a smartphone. However, carrying a 2nd device for something your phone can already do would be a little inconvenient. But even so, this camera is waterproof upto 1 meter, and is super-light, so, you can take it with you in pools or strap it to yourself while doing something fun to come up with cool and fun photos. Pre-Black-Friday-2015-Deal-HTC-Re-Camera-for-$50It’s original price was $199, which was too expensive for a single-purpose device as this, to be honest. And maybe that was the exact reason it wasn’t quite a success in the market. But now, with its price being dropped to only $50, you might want to consider it. Think of all the fun you can have with this little camera with you….use your imagination!

It’s a pretty sweet deal for a device like this and if you ever considered buying it, make the jump now! Because this offer isn’t going to last. It’s only for a few days according to HTC, so, you might have to wait until Black Friday 2015 if you miss this limited time deal. So, guys…go get it now.

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Source: GSMArena


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