There’s a very sad news for all Indians out there! It looks like Pokemon Go doesn’t work in our country no more. Let’s acknowledge the facts first. Pokemon Go was never officially launched in India. We installed the game from the websites and what not. Niantic certainly isn’t happy with that.

As of now, you cannot catch any Pokemons nor can you visit any Gyms. If that wasn’t enough, you can’t even hatch your eggs by running far distances. It’s really disappointing. Those who have spent real cash will surely be disappointed! The nearby radar doesn’t seem to be working either!

We don’t know when the issue will be fixed here in India. Maybe we will have to wait for the official launch to happen sometime this month. It may also be because Niantic doesn’t want to overload the servers. For those who had missed the news, Niantic is launching Pokemon Go in Japan today!


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