Microsoft’s big event of 21st January at ‘Redwood, Washington’ has been concluded and they have promised us the new OS update will be launched ‘later this year’ in 2015. The Silicon Valley tech giant has officially unveiled features of Windows 10 at the show. The newer version of the Operating System looks promising and also brings back its old features but with great flavor of fresh design. officially-unveiled-features-of-windows-10At the big event, Microsoft introduced CORTANA – a cloud based assistant, SPARTAN – much rumored browser, upgraded version of START menu “finally”, and XBOX integration. 84 inched Microsoft Surface Hub, and HoloLens with a brand new Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) were some of the revolutionary devices worth mentioning. The new Windows 10 Preview Build will be out next week right after the Super Bowl and the final product will be released few months later.

CORTANA for PCsofficially-unveiled-features-of-windows-10

Much like ‘Siri’ and ‘Google Now’, this digital private assistant is useful in utilizing this Operating System’s search features. CORTANA can perform all of those basic tasks she is being doing on Windows Phones. Microsoft even promises that the virtual assistant will get more advanced and respond to more natural queries. For Example: If you ask CORTANA to “play music” she launches the music app, and asking her “Please Be Quiet” will silence the music. The feature can be interacted with natural voice commands as well as text commands just like on mobile devices. CORTANA also has her personal space in the Desktop Task-bar right next to the START Button.

Re-Crafted START Menuofficially-unveiled-features-of-windows-10

Speaking about CORTANA’s place next to START Button, we are glad that the very own START Menu has got back to the Windows Desktop Task-bar permanently. Transformed is its style and Live App Tiles are added in it. Search functionality has been cut off from START menu. The Fullscreen mode can also be turned on or off, thanks to the Continuum feature of Windows 10. This feature will be at its best on Convertibles.

SPARTAN Browserofficially-unveiled-features-of-windows-10

SPARTAN is fresh looking, clear cut and light browser that will come along with Windows 10. Note taking and sharing mode is its main feature among all. Users will be able to annotate and share any part of the webpage selected. It is still a major question if Microsoft will replace Internet Explorer entirely or not. CORTANA will also be integrated in SPARTAN.

XBOX Integrationofficially-unveiled-features-of-windows-10

The XBOX application will also be available on devices running Windows 10 along with DirectX 12 gaming API that will improve the game performance by 50 percent and consume less power. Players on Windows 10 and XBOX One will be able to play games with each other. The integration will also help you to stream your XBOX One games in any Windows 10 devices.


There’s a good news for those currently running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on their devices. You will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free for one year after the release of Windows 10. The offer will surely attract more users towards upgrading their Operating System to the newer version. But Microsoft has not yet revealed what will happen after that one year of upgrade. However, Microsoft clearly intends us to use the latest version and that’s what is important.

It seems that Microsoft has finally stepped towards producing a unified OS. Skipping the logical and rumored ‘WINDOWS 9’ name entirely, the name ‘WINDOWS 10’ in itself is a leap forward for Microsoft.

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