There’s one game everyone is talking about at the moment: Pokemon Go! And it’s no surprise. It’s one game we have played we have played during our childhood. Heck! I even remember playing Pokemon Crystal and making through the Pokemon League without the “Fly HM”. Pokemon Go sure brings back memories. It’s available to download for both the iOS and Android users. Sounds good, right? No! iPad users with no cellular network won’t be able to play Pokemon Go…at all! No-Pokemon-Go-for-iPad-UsersThis is why you can’t play the game: iPad (Non-cellular) have no GPS and it looks that GPS is a compulsion if you want this game to work. In order to catch all the 150 Pokemon, you will need to go round and about to different places. Different places seem to have different Pokemon and without active GPS connection, you won’t be able to play the game. You can download the game, install it and even catch your favorite Pokemon but that’s as far as you go.

If there will be any other way for the non-GPS device users, we are yet to know that. For now there is no way you can get this game to run without you getting another device. If we find a work around, we will let you guys know. Do have a short video I made addressing this issue. Let’s share this post so that the creators get to know what problem we are facing!

At the moment, no iPad or iPod Touch users will get an opportunity to play this game. Why let us download a game we cannot play? If you find a resolution, do let us all know about it. As always, thanks for reading this post. Stay tuned and stay updated for tech news and reviews. You can also follow us on Facebook.


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