Samsung Galaxy Note 5 looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and we don’t really like it that it. With the same body language as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 loses important features like Micro-SD card expansion as well as removable battery. What’s worse? The battery on the Galaxy Note 5 is significantly smaller than that of the Note 4. If that wasn’t enough, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also doesn’t have IR blaster!

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This makes no sense, right? I am a Note 4 user and I use IR blaster all the time. Smaller non-removable battery can be well taken care of by the use of power-bank although it still is an inconvenience! Also, Micro-SD card slot expansion is not going to be a problem if I get a Note 5 with 64GB of internal storage. But how am I going to control my television, my home theatre or my A/C?


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has all those stupid sensors that I barely care about. The blood oxygen sensor, UV sensor, heart-rate monitor… I can live without any of those. But IR Blaster in my personal opinion is a very important feature in a phone. Omitting that in a flagship phone makes very little sense.

Well, this post is nothing more than expressing my disappointment. Thanks for reading this post. Stay tuned and stay updated! You can read more about the Galaxy Note 5 here!


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