So it’s very common for rumors about phones to spread out especially when the manufacturers are about to launch a new model. This time, it’s about iPhone 7. A new iPhone should be launching next fall, which’ll most probably be called iPhone 7 and there are some rumors about it as we cannot say for certain if they are true even though the supply chains claim it. The most controversial one is the talk about iPhone 7 having no headphone jack. Read on No Headphone Jack in iPhone 7 to learn more.

Well, if the rumors are true, I think Apple really needs to get their shit together. I mean… come on! No headphone jack in the phone? What are they thinking? I just got myself a new pair of Apple earpods very recently for my iPhone 6 plus, and to think they’re gonna leave it out altogether…. No-Headphone-Jack-in-iPhone-7The rumors claim that Apple is working on the new design without the 3.5 mm headphone jack to make the new iPhone crazy thin, but I think that the iPhone design we have is pretty good. Personally, I want to feel like I’m holding a phone rather than a sheet of glass, but hey, it’s just me. No Headphone Jack in iPhone 7 , instead, we’ll have a USB Type-C port only for charging. They might design an adapter to make the 3.5 mm headphone jack compatible with the USB Type-C port, but since we’ll have to buy them separately, having the new iPhone 7 might not go light with your pocket! Also, there’ll be the problem of having to carry an adapter in your pocket every time you’d want to listen to music.

And there’s the problem of listening to music  while your iPhone’s charging (which we normally don’t do), but that leads to another concept. There’s a possibility of arrival of new bluetooth earpods for the iPhone 7. Just more battery guzzling, if you ask me. On the bright side, there are rumors surrounding wireless charging for iPhone 7, and also, you won’t have to worry about those fiddly headphones, just getting tangled every time in your pockets! Bluetooth headphones will work just fine, I guess…No-Headphone-Jack-in-the-iPhone-7Also, some might just love the iPhone getting more slimmer. It’ll become more seamless and more stylish. Apple should also consider stuffing in a little more battery power since they’ll be making Bluetooth headphones, right? Anyways, if all of these happen, then more people might move to wireless headphones too. Way to increase your profits, Apple! The trend will catch on sooner or later, but this might also prove to be fatal for Apple, as its other competitors still will have headphones. Well, we shall see soon enough.

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but even though headphones are fiddly, and tangling, but I’ll sure miss them. This was No Headphone Jack in iPhone 7 , thanks for reading and keep with us for such news and information.


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