HTC is known for building high-end premium looking phones. HTC had stopped making tablets until now. After two years, they have created a new tablet, the Nexus 9. Everyone including me were excited about it. HTC, Google and Stock Android sounded like perfect combination. What made us more exited was the fact that the tablet would ship with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Nexus-9-Build-Quality-Issues-Solved?Unfortunately, not everything went as per plan. As with first batch of most Nexus Tablets (ahem..ahem Nexus 7 1st gen and 2nd gen), Nexus 9 has some serious hardware issues. Buyers are extremely disappointed with the product they received. Many of the Amazon buyers complained about the screen being affected by light bleeding and some users complained about the camera. It is unsurprising to see so many 1 and 2 stars in Amazon’s website.

Some users went as far as to say that they could hear rattling sound from inside of Nexus 9. Nexus 9 has some serious build quality control issues. Nexus 9 with serial number starting from “HT4AK” are major victims.

We contacted HTC and they said only a few devices had been affected. New batches of Nexus 9 should not and will not have any hardware issues. Users reporting issues with their Nexus 9 will have their slates replaced for free reports HTC USA. If you are planning to buy HTC Nexus 9 this holiday season, you can rest assured and buy it from any of the vendors.

Then, Is Nexus 9 Build Quality Issues solved? Well, check the serial number and make sure that it doesn’t start with HT4AK. You will be safe then.


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