With Black Friday  2015 inching closer, many giant retailers’ Black Friday ads and deals are available for preview. And many of them try to make it last as long as possible by offering great deals throughout a week or so. Target and Walmart will probably start their holiday sales this weekend, but Newegg, one of the top PC & tech-specialty  internet retailer, has decided to take the hype a bit further by dedicating all of November to Black Friday.Newegg's-Black-Friday-to-last-a-Whole-MonthTechnically, Newegg is bringing back the month-long series of special discounts and promotions as it’s already a tradition for them. It’s apparently been going on for seven years annually now. They have described it as most powerful month of deals and potential savings are huge. Shoppers can expect new discounts to roll on different products throughout November. It’ll start from tomorrow, November 1st, and will last until the end of the month.

They will be providing discounts on different products on different days. Here’s what to expect from them this year in Newegg’s Black Friday to last a Whole Month.Newegg's-Black-Friday-to-last-a-Whole-MonthNovember 1-3: Newegg’s Black Friday kicks-off with deep discounts on more than 900+ different products on all categories. It’ll include all tech products from PCs to games and will be the best time to get the best deals of the month.

November 4-9: Great news for gamers! Gaming event featuring great deals on “gaming accessories” that’ll include gaming consoles like Play-Stations, X-Box, etc., video game titles, gaming merchandise and other accessories.

November 10-26: Preview of Black Friday 2015 sales which i.e. discounts on early Black Friday deals with sampling of what they will be offering on the main Black Friday refreshed periodically. It probably won’t be as good as the main event but we can say that, this will be a trailer for the main Black Friday. You’ll probably get lesser discounts on various types of products to be shuffled throughout 10 to 26th of November.


November 27: The big main event, Black Friday will feature massive price-cuts on all goods across the whole site for short-term, which means you will be able to get the best deals of all but on a limited quantity of goods and for a limited amount of time. So, this is the big movie where you’ll have to hurry or else, miss it. But even if you miss out on Newegg’s main event, you’ll find plenty of others as well, maybe not as good, but worthwhile.

Newegg's-Black-Friday-to-last-a-Whole-Month-APPGAMEBLOGIt’ll then take two days of rest, November 28 and 29, and resume it’s sweet deals for November 30th, which is Cyber Monday, where you’ll get to see fresh new deals and other promotions. With it, the month long Black Friday will wrap up.

What’s great about this month long Black Friday is that in addition to great deals on mainstream products like PCs, laptops, and consoles, they also offers equally good deals in routers, graphic cards, hard drives, speakers,etc. What’s more is that they will be offering exclusive discounts to users of it’s mobile app.

So, guys, thanks for reading and be sure to make the best of this Black Friday 2015. Check out Black Friday 2015: Walmart. Amazon will have similar Black Friday throughout the month of November too. 



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