The best of the Windows phones are back! Yes, Microsoft has announced two flagship Windows phones: the Microsoft Lumia 950 and it’s brother, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Microsoft taking over the Nokia Lumia line and dropping the “Nokia” was a big deal, but these two sibling phones are the first to go fully Microsoft. With the Microsoft Lumia being the smaller and more compact of the two, here’s all you could want to know about it in Microsoft Lumia 950: All there is to know.

Microsoft-Lumia-950-All-there-is-to-knowThe phones were announced on October 6th, but their exact release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, it is certain that these two will be released sometime of November. These phones will be the first to run a modern desktop OS, Windows 10, on a smartphone! How cool is that? The price of the Microsoft Lumia 950 is said to be around $549. While the 950 will certainly not be as par to the 950 XL, it certainly is a powerhouse with many good specs and features. To find out what it’s storing, read this article Microsoft Lumia 950: All there is to know.

Design and Display

icrosoft-Lumia-950-All-there-is-to-knowThe Lumia 950 has a Matte, Plastic body, so, fingerprints won’t be an issue. Also, the plastic body is pretty seamless and sturdy which wraps around your hand pretty nicely. The Lumia phones are always designed in Scandinavian  style which give off a simple and elegant look. They are available in black and white color versions.

The Lumia 950 features a 5.2″Quad HD OLED display  with a resolution of (1440 x 2560) pixels. With 4 times the sharpness of a standard 720p display, and the AMOLED technology, it will deliver truly eye-popping colors for a stunning display.


icrosoft-Lumia-950-All-there-is-to-knowLumia phones are known for their one-of-a-kind cameras and photographic prowess, and since this one is a flagship phone, it’s only natural that, you’ll get a killer camera. In this case, it means a 20 MP PureView rear camera with triple-LED RGB flash, auto-focus and Optical Image Stabilization features which mean great high-resolution pictures even in low light. It also features a 5 MP Wide Screen HD Front Camera.

The Lumia 950 is capable of recording upto 4K videos (2160p) at 30 fps, 1080p videos at 60 fps and 720p HD videos at 120 fps with stereo surround sound and Optical Image Stabilization and Continuous Autofocus. Also has video calling, video sharing and a camera button on the side as well. A treat for photographers and videographers, really!

Software and Platform

The Lumia 950 will be running a hexacore Snapdragon 808 processor with Qualcomm MSM 8992 Chipset. Supported by it’s Dual-Core 1.82 GHz Cortex A53 & Quad-Core 1.44 GHz Cortex A53 CPU and Adreno 418 GPU, it’s a total powerhouse.

The phone will be running on the new Windows 10 for mobile. For the first time, a phone with a high-end desktop OS. With most Windows desktop applications like Cortana and Windows Hello, this phone should really be able to compete with the latest Android and iPhones. Also, it’s special new feature called the Windows Continuum, you will be able to plug-in a Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, and access several universal apps just like a PC. Although, there are not much apps for windows phones, it’ll be just like using a high-specs computer.

Battery and Memory

icrosoft-Lumia-950-All-there-is-to-knowThe Lumia 950 packs a Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery, which means you won’t  run out of juice easy. It provides upto 23 hrs talktime, 11 hrs of video playback and 288 hrs (12 days) of standby battery time. This phone has traditional USB Type-C charging that supports fast charging but also includes a Qi-enabled Wireless charging for convenience. Just lay your phone on  one of those charging pads and forget the fiddly plugs!

It possesses a 3 GB RAM, which will ensure that you have a fast phone to give you a pleasant Windows 10 experience.  It gives you an internal storage of 32 GB but also has a microSD cars slot which supports upto a 256 GB of additional memory. So, no need to worry about storage.

Additional Features

Since it can run Windows Hello, the Windows 10 Security system, it has got an Infrared Scanner at the front with facial recognition feature. Also, it has Microsoft Edge as it’s default browser, supports Cortana and also Office to give you all the convenience of a desktop.

Other additional features include Active Noise Cancellation with dedicated mic, an H.265 MP4 player, document viewer, Photo & Video editor and also gives you OneDrive (15 GB Cloud Storage).

To sum it up all, here’s a quick review of Microsoft Lumia 950: All there is to know.

Design: Matte Plastic body in Black / White

Display: 5.2″ Quad HD AMOLED display (1440 x 2560) pixels

Camera: 20 MP Carl-Zeiss Lens PureView camera with triple-LED RGB flash, Optical Image Stabilization, Autofocus & 4K video capture and a 5 MP WideScreen Front Camera

OS:  Windows 10 for mobile

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 808


Storage: 32 GB internal storage, extendable upto 256 GB with microSD card, 15 GB cloud storage

Battery: Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery with upto 23 hrs talktime and Qi-enabled wireless charging


Additional Features: Windows Hello security, Cortana, Office, Active Noise Cancellation

OK, that’s all the information we can give you Microsoft Lumia: All there is to know on the new phone. Hope you found all the information you were looking for. So, thanks for reading and keep in touch with us for more updates and such information. You can get official info about the Microsoft Lumia 950 and Microsoft Lumia 950XL here.



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