Chinese tech brand Meizu recently rolled out the latest version of Flyme for its MX5 flagship. Although the Pro 5 flagships are coming out of the box with the firmware pre-loaded, Meizu released Flyme version 5 for MX5 as an OTA update. From appearance to functionality improvements, this firmware update has everything it takes to be more adorable.

The company has already started to seed its latest firmware version. Due to the overloaded servers where all users are eyeing to download the latest Flyme Version on their devices ASAP, the whole OTA process is taking too much time. Just make you’re your battery juice is at least 60% charged. The Flyme version 5.0 is a lot more stable version. Waiting a little bit more for the download seems worth it. Keep on reading to know why.meizu-released-flyme-version-5-0-for-mx5

What’s new in Flyme?

As Meizu released Flyme version 5 for MX5, those of you who are still waiting for the update to be completed or eyeing to buy the phone, you might be wondering what’s new in this version of Flyme. Here it goes:

  • Multitasking in split screen mode is the cool change you will experience in Flyme 5.0. Make your fav side of app cooler by adjusting the screen proportion.
  • Pull down the notification to see more of it. Priority setting for notifications are added too.
  • The music library is redesigned with offline radio functionality. Also the lock screen will display covers and lyrics of the music you are currently playing.
  • Not only the browser has a new design with new toolbar at its bottom but also the new Toolbox app has been launched.
  • The camera that is great for daylight shooting has new GIF shooting mode. New voice camera and time watermark switches are added too. Minor adjustment to the manual shooting mode has also been carried out.
  • This update, with no doubt, preserves more battery life than Flyme 4.5 version. Further Improvements to App Store, Clock, Calendar, Game Centre, Mail, Weather, and many more has been made.

For complete list of what’s added visit >>> Giz China

MX5 or Pro 5, which one to choose?


The OTA update of Flyme 5 will require you to have around 940 MB of storage space in order to download the package and certainly need even more space for unzipping and installing the firmware. Although Meizu released Flyme version 5 for MX5 as an OTA update, you can get it straight out of the box in its newly released Meizu Pro 5 flagship.

The Meizu Pro 5 is slightly bigger with 1080p 5.7” display and 21 MP Camera compared to 5.5” of MX5 with 20 MP Camera. While the MX5 features 3 GB RAM, the Pro 5 boasts 4 GB RAM on selected handsets. MX5 has an Octa Core 2.2 GHz Cortex-A53 processor with 3150 mAH Battery whereas, Pro 5 has got a Quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 processor with 3050 mAH Battery capacity.

Pro 5

If you don’t own a Meizu smartphone, choose your own model according to your own priority. Nevertheless, the new Flyme version 5.0 update won’t be of any disappointment. After all, at the price that these iPhone beating smartphones can be bought at, no one could ever be disappointed, Isn’t it?

Source: GSM Arena


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