I am a bit late with the news about Apple’s major event which is coming soon. But, no worries! We are here to bring you the juiciest takes and rumors about the coming event. Apple’s Event was initially supposed to be on sometime 15 or 16th of March but it has moved to March 21. And Apple has already sent out invites for the event with the slogan “Let Us Loop You In”. What were you expecting from Apple in this event? I, for one, was expecting the new iPhone 7, but no, Apple is not gonna do that. So, what are the things that you are likely to get from this Apple’s Event? Find out on March 21 Apple Event: What to Expect? 

March-21-Apple-Event-What-to-ExpectOkay, so what is it going to be in this year’s Apple Event? Certainly not the iPhone 7! But there are a lot of other things though. What are they? Read on March 21 Apple Event: What to Expect? to find out more.

First, (and it’s all official), there will be a new iPhone, but, to most people’s disappointment, it won’t be the iPhone 7 or anywhere near it. Instead, Apple’s bringing back it’s smaller iPhones. Just when you thought Apple was done with them! It’s gonna be the 4-inch iPhone SE, an upgrade or modification from the iPhone 5S, (or a downgrade from the iPhone 6S). First of all, why? I already find most people using the iPhone 6 or above, so, why this all of a sudden? Anyways, it’s gonna be here, so, let’s talk about it. March-21-Apple-Event-What-to-ExpectFirst, the name iPhone SE. Since it was gonna be an enhanced version of iPhone 5S, it was known as the iPhone 5 SE. But now, it’s officially known as the iPhone SE only. According to some, the “SE” refers to “Special Edition” but who knows what Apple’s thinking? The iPhone SE is a 4-inch phone but it packs some pretty sweet specs. It combines the specs of the iPhone 6 and 6S in the size of the iPhone 5S. It will have curved edges, just like the 6 above, so that it won’t look the same as it’s predecessors. It will run on A9 chip, which is pretty sweet and most likely have a somewhat updated iOS 9, which is also something to expect from this event.

It will feature 12 MP rear camera and 1.2  MP front camera, and there will be live photos feature. Other features include always on “Hey Siri” feature, Touch ID,  and Apple Pay.  The only thing missing will be the 3D Touch from the iPhone 6S. It will be available in colors of Space Gray, Silver, and Rose Gold, just like the 6S. Of course, the price will be lessened too, so, with so many power-packed specs for a less price, you might just like it (if you’re comfortable with the size of it).

What’s next in the event? Read on March 21 Apple Event: What to Expect? to know more.

Another hype is the release of a new iPad. No, not a NEW iPad per se, but a new version, let’s say. Of course, I was again expecting the iPad Air 3, but Apple’s decided to disappoint me again! It’s going to be a next-gen of the iPad Pro, which will be smaller than the previous one with the specs of it’s bigger bro, just like the iPhone SE. What has this one got in store? March-21-Apple-Event-What-to-ExpectBeing part of the iPad Pro line, it will have an entirely different set of specs that set the Pro line apart. This iPad is going to be the same 12.9″ iPad Pro with better specs in a smaller size. It is going to be re-sized to 9.7″. It can also be a good thing, mostly, because, I think the 12.9″ iPad Pro was too big! A great news for those who wanted the iPad Pro but were not comfortable with it’s size! Well, this one’s gonna even be better. It will have four speakers just like the iPad Pro and upgraded camera specs: a 12 MP rear camera capable of taking 4K videos. 

It will also feature the new A9X chip, improvement over the previous iPad Pro of A8X chip and  additional RAM, enabling faster processing. It will also have stylus support, i.e Apple Pencil, and will be available in 128 GB storage models. The big difference is that it’s supposed to have a connector on its side for a Smart keyboard case, unlike it’s bigger bro.

Well, these two are the major newsmakers in this upcoming Apple’s Event. Everything seems to be going smaller here. Do Good things come in small packages? We’ll find out soon enough! It can also mean we can expect much better for the upcoming iPhone 7 and the iPad Air 3. For now, let’s continue with March 21 Apple Event: What to Expect?

Besides the iPhone SE and the smaller iPad Pro, there’s not much to talk about. There aren’t any rumors or news about a new Apple Watch, but they will be releasing Apple Watch Accessories, mostly bands. There are also going to be software updates. There are rumors of release of iOS 9.3 and OS for the Apple Watch, i.e Apple Watch OS 2.2, and there are a bunch of others too. This event is certainly not as expected, but still features some good stuff. So, will this event of Apple be a success? Only time will tell.

This was March 21 Apple Event: What to Expect? Thanks for reading and keep with us for more such news and information.


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