MacBook Air is one of the better laptops you can buy today. It is really fast thanks to the PCIe based SSD. It is super light and has amazing 12-hr battery life. One thing people don’t talk often about MacBook Air is it’s really food Wi-Fi Reception. It has the best Wi-Fi reception I have even seen in any of the device. 


MacBook Air has really good Wi-Fi reception. I know that laptops generally have better Wi-Fi reception than smartphones. I have 8 Wi-Fi enabled device at my home and nothing can match the Wi-Fi reception of MacBook Air. The devices I have used to test the Wi-Fi reception signal are:-

  • MacBook Air 2014
  • LG G2 (Smartphone)
  • Dell Inspiron n5040 (Laptop)
  • Nexus 10 (Tablet)
  • Nexus 4 (Smartphone)
  • HTC 8s (Smartphone)
  • PS3 (Gaming Console)
  • PSP (Gaming Console)

The device I found with best Wi-Fi reception is MacBook Air and the device with worst Wi-Fi reception is HTC 8s. Dell Inspiron n5040 has the second best Wi-Fi reception. Although second, Dell Inspiron n5040 was way far behind than MacBook Air. Where MacBook Air showed good network signal, Dell didn’t show up the network at all. Nexus 10, Nexus 4, LG G2 had almost same Wi-Fi reception.

PS3, in the other hand, was a mixed bag. At times, it performed really well even when the signal strength was really low. Other times it performed badly.

All in all, MacBook is a great package. It is a well-engineered machine and works really well. If you are a student and looking to buy a laptop, MacBook Air is the way to go!


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