LG G4 didn’t make its way through CES but the G Flex2 did! LG G Flex2 is the fastest Android phone to date. In fact, I will argue that it is the fastest phone today. The phone packs Snapdragon 810 CPU,2GB or 3GB of RAM according to users configuration and has an 1080 Oled Panel. This specs, in short, makes this phone a beast.LG-G-Flex2-unveiled-with-3000mAh-Battery


Unveiled in CES 2015, LG G Flex2 is faster than Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6. Also, LG G Flex2 comes with curved display which is this phone’s highlight feature. LG G Flex2 comes with 3000mAh battery which coupled with fast charging technology shouldn’t be a problem to anyone. This phone has slim bezels like LG G2 and LG G3.

LG G Flex2 comes with brand new 13MP camera with OIS. It is better than LG G3’s camera in every way. LG G3 will be available from major US carriers in months to come.

Source: GSMArena


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