LG G Flex 2 is the hottest phone around in each and every possible way. It has a phone design no other smartphone manufacturer has been about to replicate. It has got a curved screen as well as a curved battery. It has 5.5″ screen and the phone itself is among the most premium Android phone you can buy today. Above all, it is the first phone to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 2GHz Octa-Core processor.


LG G Flex 2 beats every other phone when it comes to benchmark performance. It beats the fastest Android phone, the Galaxy Note 4 as well as the Cupertino’s Apple iPhone 6. But how does it translate into real-world performance? The phone lags. No,  it’s not a rumour. Pocketnow has this video show the phone indeed lags badly even while doing basic tasks like opening App Drawer.

Other tech giant websites are also complaining the same. CNet in their full review of the phone stated ” Performance can be slow at times”. It is not that the phone doesn’t perform well. The phone just isn’t consistent. It handles intensive games really well but lags in the Gallery app. The problem seems more to do with LG’s software than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 SoC. Engadget instead of blaming Qualcomm, directly says “LG’s custom UI can be sluggish” at times.

Also, the phone doesn’t get as hot as we expected it to. In fact, the phone was cooler than Samsung Galaxy Note 4 while playing the exact same game on both phone for same period of time.

If you have pre-ordered or bought this phone from Korea, stay rested. The issue is most likely to be solved with a software update. Those who are thinking of buying this phone can go ahead and buy it. You can also look for 10 Cool Best Cases for LG G Flex 2 here.


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