After rolling out major hardware changes in iPhone 6 models in 2014, Apple now seems to live up to the expectation of fans by introducing new software and hardware features on its upcoming iPhone 6s smartphones. Pretty much the internet all around has a buzz that the upcoming iPhone 6s will include Force Touch capability in it.iphone-6s-will-include-force-touchA better Camera of 12 megapixels with probably 4K video shooting capacity will be another sought out feature for Apple fans. Most importantly the iPhone 6s will include Force Touch feature that was earlier introduced in Apple Macbook of 2015. Also it will feature Apple’s new A9 chip and 2GB of RAM “finally”.

Since its introduction on 2015 Apple Macbook’s trackpad, the Force Touch impressed many of us. Its implementation on Apple Watch made the puny device more powerful. We were really amazed how this feature could recognize differences between slight or tight, as well as, shorter or longer tap. This feature will surely ooze Apple’s fans by creating new ways to use their iPhones.

We wonder how amazing this feature will feel on the beautiful screens of iPhone 6s models. For now, Lets dig deeper to how Force Touch could possibly enhance the iPhone experience:

The Map Experience

With the help of this feature, the Apple Map will also get a shortcut to get turn-by-turn directions once we give a force touch on a destination in Map. That will save 2 steps presently required to be tapped on a Map App which does sound pretty much of a ‘step-saver’ for those who use it moreover.

Google might not much be delighted with the rumor that ‘Force Touch’ will only work with Apple’s default map app. “NOT Ok Google!”.

The Music Playlist

iphone-6s-will-include-force-touchThe Music application will also be of different experience with the help of Force Touch. Giving a strong touch on a song list will empower the user to add the music to a playlist. Also you could hold it long for listening it later.

Additionally this feature will allow a contact to be put on a voicemail. Since iPhone 6s will include Force Touch, it will unlock whole lot of new possibilities to enhance one’s smartphone experience. Its usability can be far more overwhelming than the few features we have listed here.

Since the next iPhone will -for sure- be the ‘S’ version of iPhone 6, it is always well predictable that Apple will stick to its major hardware design. Which makes both of the models appearing much likely the same with tad bit changes in appearance. All eyes on the month of September as it is much likely to be announced on it.

Source: PhoneArena


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