With the wave of brand new smartphones pouring into the market and while we still wait for some new ones to show up, it seems we can anticipate all the phones coming in 2015. Since we know most of them already, we have an arsenal of phones to choose from this holiday season. Holidays are the best time of year to bag new phones as there are a lot of deals going around. There are phones for every type of user,  from budget phones to great powerful phones. With that being said, only some phones hit the topmost mark. And one of them for this year is the iPhone 6S. iPhone-6S-Best-Phone-to-buy-this-holiday-seasonThe iPhone 6S is the one of the most popular smartphones in the market. Despite being criticized for its high price, this phone gives you value for your money. Now, I’m not an Apple fan or something, and I’m not saying it’s the best phone to buy, (because of course it’s not), but it still hits the higher numbers on the top-10 list of smartphones. So, what makes it one of the top best? Let’s see in iPhone 6S: Best Phone to buy this Holiday Season.

The iPhone 6S is a great improvement over the iPhone 6. Despite Apple claiming that “the only thing that’s changed is everything”, it’s NOT. Sure, user-experience wise, most of it has changed but technically, it’s just a lot of improvements with some added new & innovative features.


First of all, the design. Nothing much has changed in the design of the new iPhone 6S from the 6. It is, however, noticeably taller, thicker and wider and adds a little weight. Not much but we’re talking about a few millimeters and few grams, owing to the new 3D Touch feature. It is definitely reinforced, stronger, sturdier and a lot less prone to bending than the iPhone 6, thanks to the use of 7000-series aluminium in the body. The iPhone 6S is also Waterproof…it can still work after being in a foot of water for over 20 minutes! Also, it is more grippy than it’s predecessor. iPhone-6S-Best-Phone-to-buy-this-holiday-seasonThough not much has changed in the design, there are lot of hidden advantages at play. There’s Touch ID, now ridiculously fast. It’s fingerprint sensor in your home button and you can unlock your screen just by tapping the home button. It reads your print so fast that you can’t even read the notifications in the lock screen. For that, you’ll have to use the lock button at the side. But not only the Touch ID, the whole phone is super fast than ever.

Using the Apple 64-bit A9 chip, supported by powerful Dual-Core 1.84 GHz  Twister CPU and a chart-topping PowerVR GT7600 GPU. The 2 GB RAM is just icing on the cake which makes for a performance equal to some desktop computers. You can experience upto 70% faster CPU and 90% faster GPU performance for all your graphic-intensive games and apps. And combined with its elegant iOS 9, it’s some super smooth phone experience. The iPhone 6S cameras have improved a lot. The secondary camera has been upgraded to 12 MP with phase-detection autofocus and dual-LED flash. Now, you can find cameras with more megapixels in almost all other smartphones, but more megapixels doesn’t mean better pictures and Apple just proves that point. The iPhone 6S takes great sharp & detailed pictures and that’s why iPhone cameras are still one of the best. The camera is powerful enough to record brilliant 4K videos. So, you can now have more fun the iPhone 6S than ever. Also, the front camera has been bumped to 5 MP from 1.2 and with its FaceTime HD feature and front facing Flash,  it takes self-portrait worthy pictures. The only problem is that the front camera is still not Wide Angle.

iPhone-6S-Best-Phone-to-buy-this-holiday-seasonAlso, it introduces the new Live Photo- a new way to relive old memories. It is like a combination of GIF, short video and a picture. It captures the moments just before and after you take a picture and sets it in motion with just a touch. You can even share the Live Photos with others and set them as wallpapers and screen savers as well. Only, they take twice the space of a regular image and there’s no Optical Image Stabilization in the 6S, which is a bummer.

iPhone-6S-Best-Phone-to-buy-this-holiday-seasonMoving on to 3D touch, the biggest new feature and attraction of the iPhone 6S, which is known as “Peek & Pop”, is just like a right-click for your phone. With this technology, you can do things never possible before. It senses how deeply you press the screen and let’s you do the things accordingly. It’s more than the Force Touch from Apple Watch and much more than the long-press in Android phones. It has light touch, long press and deep press for carrying out various functions faster and more easily. This is a short-cut to doing things like you can choose to use front-camera without opening the camera first and stuff like that. It’s super useful during browsing where you can literally peek and pop. When you see some links, you can just long press to see what’s it about and if you like it, you can deep press it to fully see, else just let go off the screen to not see it. This might be able to revolutionize gaming too, instead of just furiously swiping your screen.

But it’s something that’s ahead of its time because the use of 3D Touch is very limited. It now works only on Apple’s apps but it has been distributed to 3rd parties, so, we’ll be seeing further uses soon and to fully be able to use the 3D Touch, we’ll have to wait a long time and maybe by then, we’ll be seeing iPhone 7. So, for now, the 3D Touch is more like a fun-toy rather than a functional tool. But even so, it is very fun to use and it just enhances the iPhone experience.

iPhone-6S-Best-Phone-to-buy-this-holiday-seasonThere are flaws in this phone as well. The most annoying is the battery life. The battery has been shrunk to 1715 mAh, which will barely last through a normal day but for power users, it seems they’ll have to carry a charger around. Absence of Optical Image Stabilization in the cameras is a bummer.For better battery life, it is better to get a iPhone 6S Plus (Black Friday 2015) which also possesses Optical Image Stabilization, which means a better camera as well.

Another thing is the storage in the baseline model. What can we possibly do with 16 GB of storage space? With Live Picture taking twice as much space and 4K videos will just devouring your storage, it’s just stupid. So, if you are going for the iPhone 6S, you should consider the 64 GB model, though with added cost. Also, the Live Photos need some modification in the sense that most times, we tend to put our camera down after we take a picture, which is captured by the Live Camera. And finally, as we all know, the iOS 9 is a little shaky which is sure to get better with future upgrades, though.

Despite such flaws, there are more advantages to this phone. Because of the Touch ID, Apple Pay is now more secure. The iPhone 6S has faster WiFi & LTE, more LTE bands for better coverage and Hands Free Siri feature, in which Siri is always on unless turned off. Also, the iPhone 6S is more grippier, not to mention stronger than the iPhone 6. If you have been using any model less than the iPhone 6, you’ll feel that this is an entirely new experience. But if you have the 6, there’s not much of a reason to upgrade to this model, not unless you want to.

Of course you know that Apple goods are not inexpensive. You can get the baseline model (with 16 GB storage) for $649. The 64 GB model costs $749 and the 128 GB maxes out at $849.

Anyways, here are a list of reasons for you to get the new iPhone 6S this holiday season:

  • It’s Stronger, feels grippier and sturdier
  • Way more durable and water-resistant than iPhone 6
  • Makes the iPhone 6 seem slower and a little dull
  • Touch ID feature is way faster and much more accurate
  • Has front facing flash, highly improved camera with Live Photo, Slow-Motion, 4K video capabillity
  • 3D Touch which will definitely see more uses in the near future
  • Faster WiFi, LTE and Bluetooth

Now, you know why the iPhone is the best phone to buy this holiday season. Thank you for reading iPhone 6S: Best Phone to buy this Holiday Season and hope it helped you decide on it. Keep visiting us and we will be sure to post other great phones for this holiday season.


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