The iPad Pro has not been doing very well, and its future is not looking very bright either. According to the sales numbers, they are declining and according to some news, it seems that Apple has placed orders to manufacturers for only 2.5 million units of the iPad Pro for the year 2015. The number might go even lower for 2016, if Apple doesn’t take any measures, and for now, the fate of this tablet is in the hands of this year’s Holiday Season shopping. But as Apple is not known for providing discounts on their products, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.iPad-Pro-not-doing-really-well-High-Price-to-blameWhat can possibly be the reason for this state of the iPad Pro? iPad Pro not doing really well, High Price to blame? Well, there may be a number of reasons at play but yes, the main reason could be it’s high price. This 12.9″ tablet is far form affordable, with the base model of 32 GB storage starting at $799.


A more practical model having 128 GB storage is priced at $949 and it maxes out at $1200 for a full package with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. This is just ridiculous pricing for something that can’t replace your laptop and outlet sellers slashing it’s prices just proves that point.iPad-Pro-not-doing-really-well-High-Price-to-blameSure, this device is great in its own way….it is one huge tablet, with bigger screen that makes for a great more-than-QHD display with 2732 x 2048 resolution. Also, it’s got speakers on all four sides which means great audio and a bigger battery with upto 10 hours of battery life. This also has the Apple A9 chip which is super fast, it is a beast!

But even for that price, it’s hard to find enough uses for it. It’s too expensive for students in general, lacks Pro applications for professionals…. Well, it’s a good entertainment device for sure, with more graphics and great display for games and all media stuff like movies and web surfing but the “Pro” in the name doesn’t really stand for anything, I suppose. So, technically, it’s just a high-priced big tablet, only for those who love big displays for entertainment. Also, it’s competitor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is much more functional for the same level of price. Therefore, you can’t really blame the market, only its high price.

Source: GSMArena


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