If there is one thing Microsoft could never get right, it has to be Windows Phone platform. Many manufacturers tried it but later either discontinued making them or made only one or two Windows devices a year. Huawei, one of the first phone manufacturer to take part in Windows Phone program has given up on Windows Phone.  Huawei stops making Windows Phone and will only make Android Phones.Huawei-stops-making-Windows-Phone

Huawei says it made no money-making Windows Phone. The company also claims that none of the other manufacturers making Windows Phone are at profit.

Huawei will know only focus on Android phones. The vice-president of the company sees it furture with Android rather than Windows Phone. Other companies that have recently joined Windows  Phone platform like Micromax and Lava are also rumoured to not have made any profit-making Windows Phone.

It is not only minor mobile manufacturer who are moving away from Windows Phone. Slowly, Samsung and HTC are also moving out from the game. Samsung, this year didn’t make any high-end Windows Phone whereas HTC made only one, the HTC One M8 for Windows. Nokia is officially dead leaving the Windows Phone only with Microsoft.

What do you think is the future of Windows Phone OS? Leave down your thoughts down below.

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