The major and unexpected announcement made at the event of 21st January by Microsoft was undoubtedly The HoloLens. The Washington event was mainly for unveiling Windows 10 and its features. The HoloLens presented at the event had everyone drop their jaws and dig in for augmented reality. Just by taking a glimpse of the product will answer the question, why HoloLens is The future of Computing.Why HoloLens is The future of Computing

HoloLens – The Future of Computing

Being a fan of science fiction movies, I always pictured myself using some holographic tools every time I watched Avatar, Iron-Man or similar other films. Finally, the era of Holographic Computing is here along with Windows 10. The head gear comes with see-through holographic lenses. Wearing this special kind of cool glasses will blend real world and three-dimensional virtual world into reality. HoloLens has definitely caught everyone’s attention in the world right now.

Why-HoloLens-is-The-future-of-ComputingThe more digitized we are, the more we want our life in sync with virtual reality and this technology comes way more personal than we had possibly imagined. It is easily integrated with our physical world and things, which makes using HoloLens a crucial part of our lives. Apart from its CPU and GPU, The Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) is its central powering agent. HPU can process Terabytes of data with the help of several sensors integrated into the HoloLens. It can run solely without being dependent of any other devices.

For Holographic processing, it has more power and consist spatial sound technology than that of present day Laptops and smart devices. The HoloLens will easily recognize your own voice, it can recognize where you’re looking at. Plus, it runs without any wires. So, you can work freely anytime and anywhere you would like. It is definitely a powerful tool to enhance and showcase your creativity and make your viewers understand what exactly you are thinking. You can also work in pair or groups and fine-tune a design you people are jointly into. An efficient way to teamwork, isn’t it?

Why-HoloLens-is-The-future-of-ComputingThe HoloLens works with the help of a platform named – Holo Studio. The Holo Studio helps create your imaginary inventions into an augmented reality. The HoloLens consists of a Computer, Lenses, Camera and a proper Vent in it. The Camera can span upto 120 by 120 degrees. It generally has 18 types of sensors. The proper vent helps the HoloLens work and do not overheat while your’re working on it.

It will perform based upon your hand Gestures, Visual Gaze and Voice. The most interesting gesture is the ‘holding’ one, which allows us to grab things virtually and control it. The display will adjust wherever you are watching, but smartly.Why-HoloLens-is-The-future-of-Computing

It is widely useful in Holograms, Virtual World representation and Augmented Reality. You can pin an object to its actual position and move around it just like you would around real things. The virtual environment will figuratively transport you into any place you would like, even in the surface of moon and mars. The device can also scan your ambiance and build a  digital model in real time. Such augmented reality makes the characters from your game stay right above your floor or table.

Watch the video below to see HoloLens work with all its glory.

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