is most probably the biggest mobile tech website today. Sadly, it got hacked 12 hours ago and has not yet recovered. This is the first time is hacked. The entire website is down right now. hacked todayLooking at the time GSMArena team is taking to recover, it looks like the hackers got access to the core inflicting maximum damage to the database. hacked today shows how far hackers can go.  is running just fine. The parent site is the only one hit. If you try to visit right now, you will probably get this message “The Web Page is not Available.” 6 hours ago, you would be redirected to and see the image as above. The people behind this hack are professionals who have done this kind of hacks before.

The hackers are believed to have messed up all the database either by deleting them or infecting them. There is no word from GSMArena team. We also don’t know hong low it will be before goes online.

Hopefully, GSMArena will recover soon. It is the best site for smartphone tech news and reviews. All detailed smartphone reviews and comparison can be found out in their website.

Stay tuned and we will update you on ” hacked today ”

Update: The site is back online.

Image Source|| 10BestCase



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