Not so satisfied with the pressure test done by others that are roaming around the internet, Samsung has this time decided to do it by themselves. In the video, both of the Galaxy S6 survived the bend test by its maker. Samsung Galaxy S6 can stand the pound force of atleast 81.15 lbf whereas Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge could atleast stand 81.07 lbf of the impact.galaxy-s6-survived-the-bend-test-by-its-maker

Survival of the Bend-iest

The video of Samsung opens up with a disclaimer that it is not produced to satisfy sadistic desires of destroying their flagships but to demonstrate the endurance of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. After putting through the ‘3-point bend test’, the Galaxy S6 survived the bend test by its maker.

As per Samsung, the test was carried out under specific circumstances and it barely happens under normal circumstances. To put it simple, the comparison is done with 2B pencils of a bundle containing 5. It takes about 80 lbf of force to break this strong bundle.

First to test was the Samsung Galaxy S6 that withstood the force of 81.15 lbf at the front panel. At the back, it could resist atleast 81.16 pound force.galaxy-s6-survived-the-bend-test-by-its-maker

Secondly, The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was on the line. From the front, it is unbreakable to 81.07 lbf whereas the back could resist upto 81.05 lbf of power. Both the smartphones have fairly equal resistance to bending with slight difference.

What is 3-Point Bend Test?

In this test, 3 point pressure is applied to the device by – applying pressure at the middle from one side, and from two ends at the other. The video linked below shows exactly how the test is taken where both the Galaxy S6 survived the bend test by its maker.

Also, the Korean manufacturers has assured the users that this test and many others are carried out pre and post the launch of their smartphones.

Available now through major carriers in US incl. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile among others.

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Source: GSM Arena


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