MacBook Air has really good Wi-Fi Reception

MacBook Air is one of the better laptops you can buy today. It is really fast thanks to the PCIe based SSD. It is...

Should you wait for 2015 Retina MacBook Air?

MacBook Air is up in the air. It is the hottest laptop you can buy right now. Well, to be honest, there are better...

Can MacBook Air 2014 handle Photo and Video Editing?

MacBook Air is Apple's cheapest laptop ever. It is also Apple's slimmest and lightest laptop in Mac lineup. It also weighs less thanĀ 1.5kg which...

Who is MacBook Air for?

Professionals say "MacBook Air is the universally accepted laptop you can buy today." In other words, it is one laptop for everyone. But the...

Is 4GB RAM enough for MacBook Air 2014?

The same question? Again? We know this question has been asked 100s and 100s of time. People are afraid to buy the base model...

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