Amazon Fire Phone is by no means the best smartphone you can buy. Being almost a year old, there are a lot of phones you may want to look forward to. But for $189, it is the best phone you can buy today. During Christmas, Amazon was selling the Fire Phone for as low as $199 and we thought it was as cheap as it can be. Amazon has proved as all wrong. In this clearance sale, you can now buy Amazon Fire Phone for just $189!

Amazon-Fire-Phone-for-just-$189Amazon Fire Phone may be almost a year old but is still faster than most of the mid range-phone. Powered by Snapdragon 800 Processor and backup up by 2GB of RAM, this phone is still fast. In addition to that, Amazon Fire Phone packs 13MP Camera with optical image stabilisation. The best thing about Amazon Fire Phone is that you get 1 year free Amazon Prime Membership which itself is worth $99.

This deal by Amazon is a limited-time offer. Amazon Fire Phone for just $189 deal won’t last for weeks like it did before. It is basically stock clearance sale. We may be in for next generation Amazon Fire Phone. Amazon has reportedly said it won’t back out from the smart phone game. We are likely to see Amazon Fire Phone 2 in upcoming months.

If you are looking for a phone for under $200, Amazon Fire Phone is your best bet. Amazon Fire Phone for just $189 is one great deal. Go ahead and check it out at Amazon.

Source: GSMArena


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