MacBook Air is Apple’s cheapest laptop ever. It is also Apple’s slimmest and lightest laptop in Mac lineup. It also weighs less than 1.5kg which makes many people believe that MacBook Air is not a powerful machine. Guess what? People who say so are wrong. MacBook Air from 2012-2014 with 4GB of RAM are perfectly fine for video editing and photo editing.4GB-RAM-enough-for-macbook-air-2014MacBook Air features Intel’s Core i5 CPU (you can upgrade it to Core i7 during the time of purchase) which is more than capable of running softwares like Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Premier Pro. Also, don’t be fooled by the clockspeed of the Air. Also see: WHO IS MACBOOK AIR FOR?

The base model MacBook Air 2014 both 11 and 13 inch come with 1.4GHz Core i-5 processor. At first sight, it looks to be underpowered. But thanks to Intel’s turbo boost technology, MacBook Air can turbo up to 2.7GHz.  The dual core i5 processor while in turbo boost mode (which kicks in automatically) performs really well. The relatively low default clock speed of the CPU helps Air run 12 hours without requiring charge.

If you are doing simple photo editing which includes adding or removing effects and cropping image, MacBook Air is more than suitable for handling such tasks. MacBook Air can even do impressive photo editing without any hiccups such as editing a RAW photo. But, if you plan on editing GBs of psd file, you should look elsewhere.

4GB-RAM-enough-for-macbook-air-2014Same goes with MacBook Air’s video editing capability. MacBook Air can easily render short 1080p videos. In fact, I edit all my videos on the Air with no problem whatsoever. The integrated Intel HD 5000 is also capable enough to do 1080p video editing just fine. I usually hook up my MacBook Air to external 23″ monitor for editing my videos.

In short, MacBook Air is capable of editing photos and videos just fine. Don’t believe me? Get yourself a MacBook Air from Apple Store. If you are not satisfied with its performance, you can always return it back.

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