BlackBerry Passport is BlackBerry’s flagship phone. It is also the best phone they have ever made. It’s a business oriented smartphone with a lot of potential. This 4.5″ screen smartphone is powered by one of the most powerful smartphone processor, the Snapdragon 801 CPU. You can, for a month, get BlackBerry Passport for just $499.

BlackBerry-Passport-for-just-$499This deal, for some reason, only valid for “Black” Blackberry Passport. White BlackBerry is available for pre-order for $599. Thid deal is only available through BlackBerry Official store. This is a really sweet deal for such a high-end premium smartphone.

The key features of BlackBerry Passport are as follows:

  • 4.5″ 1:1 Aspect Ratio Screen
  • 1400 x 1400 Screen Resolution
  • Snapdragon 901 SoC
  • Adreno 330GPU
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 13MP Rear Facing Camera
  • 2MP Front Facing Camera
  • 1080p 60fps Video Capture
  • Physical Qwerty Keyboard
  • 3450mAh Battery

BlackBerry takes 1:1 aspect ration of the screen as an advantage. While messaging, web browsing, viewing maps and editing spreadsheets, it is the best aspect ratio for a screen. For other things such as watching videos, it is not an ideal aspect ratio.


BlackBerry Passport comes with 32GB of internal storage which leaves user with impressive 25GB usable memory. If the in-built flash storage is not enough for you, you can insert a Micro-SD card up-to 128GB. 3GB of memory is more than enough for a smartphone. BlackBerry Passport for just $499 is a steal, really.

The 13MP camera of BlackBerry Passport is optically stabilized. Passport can shoot really good stills. Detail of image is maintained. Image processing BlackBerry uses is flawless. The phone can shoot 1080p videos at 60 fps. The front-facing camera can also shoot 1080p Full HD videos. The quality of front facing camera is, however, not really good. The phone captures stereo sound too.

This smartphone is targeted towards professionals.  BlackBerry Passport for just $499 is as good as it gets. Grab it while the offer lasts.

Source|| PhonArena


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