Everyone knows that SSD’s are the future. Mechanical HDDs are  dying and it was to be expected. Mechanical Hard-disks are bigger, less efficient and chances of it failing is high when compared to SSDs. Most Ultrabooks including MacBooks are powered by SSDs. The only “con” of SSD is that they are expensive. With Blackriday 2014, that changes too! BlackFriday 2014: Best Time to buy SSD ever!

best-time-to-buy-ssdHere is why most of us avoid buying SSDs: 1TB (1024GB) HDD costs $60 today whereas 120GB SSD costs $80. Sure, SSDs are about 8-10times faster than traditional HDDs but 120GB is too limited.

BlackFriday 2014 deals includes SSDs for cheap. Samsung, Intel, Sandisk, OCZ and Crucial are all offering SSDs for cheap. You can buy Kingston 120GB SSD for just $55. It is really a good deal. Crucial is selling their 256GB SSD for just $100. All the other manufacturers are selling SSDs for cheap too.

If you don’t want to go with SSDs as you want more storage, there are other options too. Fusion drives dubbed SSHD (Solid State Hard Drives) offer you the speed of SSDs (almost) and are available in up to 4TB configurations. 1TB fusion drive can be bought for as low as $90.

best-time-to-buy-ssdIf you already have a hard-disk in your desktop PC and you can additionally add SSDs. SSDs will improve the boot times and open/close applications quicker than ever before. The key advantages of having SSDs are as follows:

  • 8-10 Faster than traditional Hard-disks
  • Quick
  • More reliable as there are no moving parts
  • More efficient (Will improve your existing laptop battery by up-to 40% )
  • Less heat output
  • Future proofing

The cons of having SSDs is as follows:

  • They are expensive
  • Not all SSDs are reliable ( failure rate is high in some SSDs)
  • Price is SSDs is falling drastically

BlackFriday 2014: Best Time to buy SSD – This is true as we have never seen such low prices for SSDs. Do note that as soon as the Holiday Season ends, the prices are likely to go up again. So, be smart and boost your computer speed by using one of these SSDs.


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