The iPhone 6s is a stunning device with lots of features and an attractive appearance. This was the phone developed by Apple as an addition to the range of iPhone 6 series. Apple are renowned to make sturdy and durable phones and the iPhone 6s would obviously not be an exception but however tough it may be, you can not take the safety of your phone for granted.

When it comes to such a valuable phone, you ought to have protection for it. And if you own the 6s then obviously you are looking for cases that will provide all round protection to your phone. For that, we have accumulated a list of Best Premium iPhone 6s Flip Cover Cases for the iPhone 6s currently available in the market. Have a look:

1) Premium iPhone 6s Case Wallet Case with built-in Stand Feature

.This classic wallet case is made from premium synthetic leather which ensures durability and toughness. It comes with added features of inner slots for cards and cash and comes with a kickstand feature for media viewing convenience. The magnetic strap ensures easy and safe locking and unlocking of the case. With this case, you can store your essential cards and cash together with your phone and have your valuables in one place.

The case is available in 4 colours and is priced under 15$. If you are looking for a simple yet functional and tough case, this is the one for you.


2)iPhone 6s  Premium Stylish Leather Wallet Case with Lifetime Guarantee

.This classy leather wallet case comes with a distinct leather pattern that gives it the extra appeal on looks. The cover comes with a lifetime guarantee which is not a small thing, this ensures that the case is extremely durable and wont experience any wear or tear. It consists of card slots and hidden pocket to keep business cards or your bank cards and also comes with a built in stand to support your phone. The case promises a perfect fit and is made of high quality materials and high craftsmanship.

The case is available in 9 different colours and is priced under 5$! Such a tough and classy case with a lifetime guarantee at such a low price, this is definitely the best bargain you will find in this list of Best Premium iPhone 6s Flip Cover Cases.


3)iPhone 6s Case Wallet Case with Stand Feature & Water Resistance.

This simple case is made of luxuriously soft premium durable leather material, offering great water resistance. It has a magnetic front clasp, making your iPhone 6s easy to access. The wrap-around design of the wallet protects the phone’s screen, sides, and back. The case is designed with a Polycarbonate armour back to cushion your iPhone if it falls, keeping it safe and unscathed. The insides contain key card slots and hidden pocket to protect valuables and add storage. It also has a Stand Feature for media viewing convenience. The case is also very slim which won’t add too much bulk.

The case comes in 2 colours and is available under 10$. If you are looking for a waterproof wallet case with many functionality this one is certainly worth checking out.


4) iPhone 6s Case Premium Soft TPU Flip Hard Case Cover


This flip cover is very nifty and makes it easier to receive calls without having to open your case. It is made with premium PU leather exterior + Flexible TPU bumper frame making it more durable and tear resistant. It also has a kickstand feature for media viewing convenience. The case makes it easier to preview caller ID, time, date without opening the cover. The case is also very slim so it wont add extra bulk.

The case is available in many colours and is priced under 12$. If you want easier access to your phone, then this case is certainly one you should check out.


5) Cool Design iPhone 6s Kickstand Wallet Flip Cover PU Leather Case

.This fancy case is made of premium Synthetic PU Leather which makes it tough and durable. It has a versatile Design for your daily use, it has 3 cards slots for your Credit Cards and other important cards. The insides feature an anti-slippery material which add the feature of a kickstand for media viewing easiness. The magnetic strap ensures that all your contents stay inside and it makes it easier to open and close the case.

The case is available in many patterns and is priced under 12$. If you are looking for a fancy case with many features, you have found it.


6) Ultra Premium iPhone 6s Case by Layered Dandy 

The final entry in this list of Best Premium iPhone 6s Flip Cover Cases is a classy leather case with very appealing looks. This classic looking wallet case is a refined, functional and practical case for your iPhone 6s. It also comes with inner card slots (like a wallet) for you to store your credit cards, id cards and cash. The case gives a full degree protection for your phone as it covers all the edges of the phone. The case is engineered to emphasize thinness without compromising phone utility and lessen the bulk. Precise cut-outs give you full access to all ports and buttons of the phone. It includes a magnetic clip which allows quick fastening and access without any hassle.

This classic and functional case comes in 4 colours. If you like to keep your valuable things organized and carry them together then you must consider buying this case. This is the best flip cover case among the 10 best Premium iPhone 6s cases.


These are the Best Premium iPhone 6s Flip Cover Cases you can currently find. Hope you liked it. If you want to have a look at the best premium cases for your iPhone 6s, CLICK HERE.

Thanks for viewing the article, keep referring to our page for more updates on cases and technological updates. We make sure that our list of cases is updated with time. As new cases comes out, we will update this list of Best Premium iPhone 6s Flip Cover Cases for sure!



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