Looking for cheap video streaming boxes? Roku is offering a great deal on its Roku SE , they are rolling out a budget-friendly player called the Roku SE, which is priced at $50 and will be marked down to $25 on Black Friday. Video streamers are considerably cheap gadgets to buy and the price can range from $35 to $150, but the Roku SE has gone cheaper and is available for $25 for a limited time. For this Black Friday, they are offering a 50% discount on the streaming box.


The Roku SE is actually quite similar to the Roku 1. The Roku 1 supports about 1200+ channels whereas the SE version supports about 2000+ channels. But some features of the Roku 1 and Roku SE are quite similar, like a single-band 802.11 n wireless, HDMI and analog AV outputs and an IR remote control.

The Roku SE will feature the latest Roku OS 7 which provides recommendations and better search features. The Roku OS 7 will let customers follow movies, directors and actors so that they are alerted when new material from favourites are available or if it comes down in price. The software update will be rolled out to current generation Roku players and Roku TVs beginning in mid-October and is expected to be completed in November.


Roku is also releasing an update to its free mobile app, making it easier for consumers to access features including remote control and voice search. The addition of “Pinch to zoom” capabilities let consumers show off personal photos in closer detail. Roku also adds a “Hotel and Dorm Connect” feature that helps people who are travelling or living on campus to quickly get hooked into networks that require a log-in.


The Roku SE will be compatible with both HDMI and analog TVs. It’ll also provide media casting features and access to Roku’s numerous streaming channels. On top of that, it’ll allow users to search across more than 20 streaming channels by director, actor or title, as well as check out the price of TV shows and movies.

So, if you are looking for a streaming box at a cheap price, considering they are providing a huge discount and the functionality of the Roku SE, it seems to be a wise choice. But it will only be available for a limited amount of time so you have be alert this Black Friday if you really want the Roku SE.


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