Logitech Master MX is “The” mouse if you can afford it. It usually retails for around $100 but as of today, you can grab it for as less as $70. Even better, as it is the week of Black Friday, you will get deals on Logitech Master MX where you can grab one for as low as $49.  Let’s have a look at Best Black Friday 2015 Deal: Logitech Master MX. 

Best Black Friday 2015 Deal: Logitech Master MX

Logitech Master MX can go for months without you needing to charge it. Logitech claims that Logitech Master MX can go for 40 days without the need of recharge and people have gotten similar results. Logitech Master MX is also ergonomically perfect. IT you have big hands, you will love the mouse.

While you are using the mouse, you will feel as though your hand is hugging a precious material and not a toy. Also, you can go for hours working with this mouse. This mouse it so comfortable. You won’t feel fatigue when you are using this mouse. The dark field dual laser also makes sure that the mouse works smoothly in any surface including glass surface.


What’s more? You can connect the mouse to any device either via Bluetooth or included unifying receiver. Even better, you can connect three devices at once with this mouse.

All in all this is a perfect mouse for almost anyone and everyone. Sadly though, it isn’t available for left-handed users. Thanks fore reading this post. Stay tuned and stay updated at AppGameBlog.com.


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