The LG V10 is one of the best Android Smartphones there is. It has the familiar features of previous LG phones but a very good body design, added camera & security features, and an added screen. As with any other Android phone, some accessories are quite a bit of necessity for this one as well.

With so many varieties of  Android smartphones out there,  there are tons of accessories to choose from; and all that amount of variety can be very overwhelming sometimes. So, what would be the best accessories for you to carry around with your LG V10? Here are the list of cases, stands, screen protectors, etc. that go with your smart phone in Best 7 Accessories for LG V10.

1) DuoMax Triple Layer Hard Shell Case for LG V10

Best-7-Accessories-for-LG-V10Now many say that the LG V10 doesn’t really need a case as its got a “hot” body which means a unique design that allows the phone to resist impacts by shock absorption but LG’s phones have not been known for their durability, so, I think a good case is necessary, just to be on the safe side. So, here, this is an extra tough case with triple layers of protection, by which I mean a dual layer armor with screen protector. It has an inner silicone layer with shock absorbent pads and reinforced shock protection in the corners plus a hard rubberized polycarbonate plastic shell on the outside with built-in kickstand.

Also, it features very cool designs on the back cover making it look cooler and more stylish. You can choose from many such stylish designs. Get the latest price at Amazon below.


2) Beyond Cell Infolio Luxury Wallet Leather Case for LG V10

Best-7-Accessories-for-LG-V10So if you too think a hard case is not really necessary for your LG V10, check this out: this is a luxury case made out of PU leather for convenience. This case can effectively protect your phone from scratches, dents, smudges and fingerprints and it fits your phone perfectly. This case has the wallet feature, i.e. contains three slots for holding cards or ID, and a big slot for holding cash or cheques. You might be able to replace your wallet with this one. Also, it features many attractive designs on the cover for added style.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and such designs. Check out the discounted price below!


3) PowerJak Lifetime 13000 mAh Dual USB Power Bank for Mobile

Best-7-Accessories-for-LG-V10The LG V10 has a 3000mAh battery, which should be enough for Android phones to last through the day. But with so many tweaked features of the phone, it might consume more battery power than other smartphones. Also, a power bank is  a handy device whenever you want to go out for long periods of time. So, this can be added to your must have accessories for your LG V10. This is the strongest high-capacity charger for your mobile devices. The speed by which it charges your phone is also very good and it is designed with patented IC technology, that prevents your devices against short circuits.

It is also lightweight to carry around, can power two devices simultaneously and comes with a lifetime warranty. It usually costs above $150, but for now, it’s on sale and you can get it for very cheap. See the latest price and more info below.


4) Rerii Ultra-thin Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector for LG V10

Best-7-Accessories-for-LG-V10A screen protector is a very good addition to your phone for protection. The LG V10’s body might be strong enough, but is it’s screen? Just to be on the safe side, this screen protector is and ultra-thin armor for your screen with minimal thickness of 0.3 mm and with a 9H level hardness tempered glass, it’ll prove to be quite tough, protecting your LG V10 against scratches and external shocks. It also features Oleophobic coating which makes it very easy to clean, should it get dirty. Also, with its Delicate Touch feature, it easily sticks to your screen and makes it very sensitive for operation.


Also, it’s anti-shatterproof property will make the glass break into tiny pieces which won’t damage the phone and be safe for users. It comes along with a microfiber cleaning cloth and an alcohol cleaning pad. See it by clicking the link below.


5) Spigen Smartphone Stand

Best-7-Accessories-for-LG-V10If you are like me and watch all things in your smart phone, you’ll have experienced the tiring feeling of holding your big ass phone in your hands for too long. So, I present to you this smartphone holder, for whenever you want to use your phone but don’t have to constantly hold it. It’s got a sturdy build with Aluminium stand and a TPU mount with accessible ports for the charging cables. It is usable in both portrait and landscape mode with a comfortable viewing angle. You can use it plainly to charge it to, if you’re not using it as well.

And with its sexy design, it also looks very cool on your table, be it at home or your workspace. View price and details below.


6) Adonit Jot Dash Fine Point Precision Stylus for Touchscreens

Best-7-Accessories-for-LG-V10Stylus are not really necessary for every touchscreen smartphone, but if you’re one of those photographers or artists or designers, then this thing really comes in handy. Plus, using a stylus will keep your phone screen free from fingerprints and smudges. This stylus has a very thin, balanced aluminium body a very fine 1.9 mm tip that offers a pen-like strokes, making it easy to use: sketching, writing or highlighting. You don’t need to keep connecting the stylus to your phone, just get started with it and go nuts! If you own a LG V10 and want a stylus accessory, this is the one you should get!

Also, it can write continuously for up to 14 hours and can charge in as quickly as 45 minutes. It is compatible with all iOS and Android touchscreens. View it here.


7) Professional SanDisk Micro SDXC 200 GB card for LG V10

Best-7-Accessories-for-LG-V10The LG V10 has a storage space of about 64 GB, no less, which should be ample space for the general user. But the LG V10’s cameras take such quality pictures and videos that they occupy a huge amount of space, more than other Android apps and such. Fortunately, it’s storage is extendable upto 200 GB and if you’re getting an SD card, you might get a standard 200 GB as well. SanDisk is the most reliable name in the SD card business and this one has been particularly formatted for the LG V10 for high transfer speeds up to 90 MBps. Also, with its ultra compact size, it consumes very low power.

This is the best accessory from the list of Best 7 Accessories for LG V10 you can get today. So, add extra content and keep snapping photos without worrying about storage with this microSD card for your LG V10. View details and discounted price below.


So, this was Best 7 Accessories for LG V10 with the list of the must have accessories for your LG V10. This list is according to my preference, so, you might not agree with the necessity of some of the accessories. Thanks for reading, and keep with us for more news and info.


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