MacBook 2015 is the newest Mac in Apple’s line-up of ultraportables. It is a welcome refresh too. This is also the first complete overhaul in terms of design since MacBook Air’s debut in 2008. Doesn’t matter how you look at it, you are sure to love this machine. It is beautifully crafted and weighs less than a kilogram. What’s more? It has got a brand-new high res Retina display and excellent battery life. Are you looking for Best 2015 12-Inch MacBook Covers and Cases? If so, this may be the best post for you!

There are a lot of covers and sleeves available for 12-inch MacBook. Here we have listed the 10 best covers you can buy today. Hope you like at least one of them.

1) Snugg 2015 MacBook 12 Inch Leather Sleeve with Lifetime Warranty 

Snugg is one of the most popular brand when it comes to cases, covers, sleeves and bags. They have been in this business for years now and most of their product are of really high quality. This Snugg 2015 MacBook Leather Sleeve is no different.

Snugg Leather Sleeve for MacBook 12″ fits the MacBook perfectly. The one thing we liked about this sleeve is that it has pockets where you can house papers, chargers and other small things. The looks of this case is just as good. This case is available in 9 different colours.


2) AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

This is the specific sleeve I have been using for my MacBook 12-inch. Don’t be fooled by the name of this cover for your new MacBook. Although Amazon lists this cover as 11.6-inch Laptop Sleeve, the 12-inch MacBook fits perfectly.

The best thing about the AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve has to be its price. The case is sold by Amazon at Amazon for $9. And having used this case personally, I can say that the case has fantastic build quality. It also has enough padding to protect the laptop in case of a drop.


3) amCase 12-inch Cover for New MacBook

.amCase 12-inch Cover for New MacBook is good looking, costs very little money and has foam padding to protect your laptop in case of a drop. If you want a laptop cover that just works, this may be the best sleeve for you. Reason? This specific case which is compatible with 2015 12″ MacBook has received 4.7/5 stars at Amazon where more than 1,100 have commented and voted.

Even better this cover has additional space storage in front for cables, charges and other small gadgets and accessories. This case is available in 2 colours- Black and Pink.


4) iPearl 12-inch Soft Neoprene Sleeve Case for MacBook 

This Sleeve Case for MacBook 2015 is made by iPearl. This cover is made of high quality soft and durable neoprene material. The material ensures that it provides maximum protection to the laptop.

As with many other MacBook covers, this covers also houses extra pocket where you can store charger, trackpad and other accessories. This case is available in 5 exciting colours.


5) Kamor 12 inch Bohemian Style Animal World Fabric Sleeve Case Cover 

That sure is a long name for a case! Well, this case is going to be mostly liked by girls. This case is funky and has patterns boys are unlikely to like. Still, you may want to have a look at this. Who knows if you like it ;).

Kamor 12 inch case for MacBook 2015 is available in 4 exciting colours. 12″ MacBook fits perfectly in this case. One thing I liked about this cover is that it has two zippers. If one of the zipper stops working, you will still have another zipper to work with. This is a really cool case. Be sure to check this one out.


6) Case Star Neoprene Ultrabook Sleeve Case

.There sure will be very few people who will not like this case. This case is very similar to AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve but where it differs it the range of colours you can buy this case in. Case Star Neoprene Ultrabook Sleeve Case for MacBook 12″ is available in whooping 17 colours.  

This case works as advertised. The case can be opened and closed by using the zipper. There is only one zipper, though. We would have loved it if housed 2 zippers. But that is just nitpicking. This case is very much worth the money.


7) LENTION Genuine Leather Bag Sleeve Case for Apple Macbook 12 Inch

.If you can afford a $1300 laptop, we are sure that you can afford this sub $35 laptop sleeve. Lention Genuine Leather Bag Case for MacBook 12 inch is the best sleeve you can buy. Period. This sleeve feels and looks premium. The  sleeve is elegant and exquisite. The soft feel of the case makes you hold the laptop just a little longer in the case.

Lention Genuine Leather Bag for MacBook 12 inch is available in 5 colours and all the cases look equally premium. You can easily open or close this case by using the magnetic buckles. If money is no problem for you, do get this case. You will simply love it.


8) MacBook 12 Inch Bag by CaseCrown Campus 

.Not everyone likes logging around with a sleeve. This is where the 12 inch MacBook Bag comes into play. This bag is compatible with only MacBook 12 Inch states the manufacturer though we think all smaller laptops with fit in properly as well. The bag has a padded interior .

This MacBook Bag is lightweight and is perfect for travelling purpose. In addition to that the adjustable strap makes carrying just a little more convenient.  This MacBook bag also has multiple pockets in the front, back and in the sides to store different accessories.


9) Kinmac Gold Leather Laptop Briefcase for 12-inch MacBook

.How does a gold bag sound for your brand new 12-inch Gold MacBook? Cool, right? This gold leather bag has a handle which makes carrying it around very easy and convenient. The foam padding also protects the laptop really well.

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The sides of this MacBook bag houses pockets where you can store your cellphone, wallets and other accessories. The handle when unwanted can be slided inside the bag. This sleeve costs less than $30 and is certainly worth checking out!


10)The New 12-inch Macbook Case by i-Blason

.i-Blason is one of the most popular cell-phone and tablet case manufacturer. Looks like they are stepping up the game by making cases for laptops. This specific case for 12-inch MacBook is specifically made for the Macbook and fits perfectly. The case has a hard shell outside to protect the laptop in case of a drop.

i-Blason MacBook case is available in 6 colours. The case is sleek and has no flaws. This case is certainly worth checking out.


These are the  Best 2015 12-inch MacBook Covers you can buy today. We update our list of cases and covers for 12-inch MacBook regularly. So be sure to check this post again. Have any suggestions? Do leave a comment down below in the comment section. Thanks for reading this post. You can find more about the new MacBook here. Read the full review of the MacBook 2015 here.



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