HTC One A9 is HTCs higher end mid-range phone for the year 2015. It sits below the HTC One M9 and costs significantly less at least in the US. You can get HTC One A9 in 4 colours and get it for just $399 in the US. It is quite a good deal. This phone goes head-on-head with the likes of OnePlus Two, Motorola Moto X Play, Google LG Nexus 5X and a few more.

The phone has got most of the parts right but missed on one of the most important bit on any modern smartphone, the battery life. HTC One A9 has a smallish 2150mAh battery which won’t last you that very long. For instance, HTC One M9 had a 2840mAh battery, a lot bigger than the battery used in the HTC One A9. Also keep in mind that HTC One A9 has the same 1080p display resolution as the HTC One M9.

Sure, HTC must have done good software optimization as well as hardware optimization but we are yet to see how it will affect the battery performance of this new phone. Some people who have already got hold of this phone has said that the standby time of this phone is really good, thanks to the Doze feature introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But when the screen is on and you are all active, the battery of the phone doesn’t last all that low.


Preliminary testing shows that HTC One A9 only lasts 3hrs while doing regular stuffs like watching videos on Youtube, playing some games and doing some intensive browsing. Any phone that has screen on time of less than 4hrs is not considered good and this phone just doesn’t make it through 4 hrs of screen on time. Let’s see what HTC has to say about it.

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